Students Stay Current in Microbes and Disease Course

Posted on: Jan 15, 2013

Holland Hall Upper School students in Microbes and Disease class are learning how to stay current in science and blogging about it. Students are taking the time to read through late breaking news in the field of science and specifically, microbiology. After reading a scientific press release, students not only write about the article, but they also pose a question for discussion and then post to the course blog to share with their class and beyond. The blog is full of interesting student entries covering topics such as bone-breaking mosquitoes, the black plague and childhood obesity. Conversations are encouraged as peers, as well as teacher Dr. Keri Shingleton, interact on the blog by leaving comments and feedback.

Holland Hall community members are encouraged to visit the course site to not only discover and learn the latest news in science, but to also participate in the blog entry conversations.

Click the link below: