Strategic Plan

Holland Hall Strategic Plan 2014-2020

Fifteen years ago, email found little use in our work lives. Social media did not exist. Not every person had a mobile phone and the term “smart phone” was yet to be coined. Vocational pursuits such as UI/UX Designer, Director of Analytics, and Mobile Applications Developer were the stuff of science fiction.

What’s to come in the next fifteen? What type of world will our current preschool students commence into? What should we do in the next five to ten years to guarantee their readiness?

Enter Holland Hall’s strategic plan, a collective vision for the steps our community will take to prepare leaders for an unpredictable and quickly changing world. Over twelve months in the making, the following areas of focus for the next five to seven years have been designated priorities as we make decisions together, as a school and as a community.

This strategic plan emanates from input gleaned from the entirety of our community, including focused work by our Strategic Plan Workshop participants. The results of this forethought, collaboration, and hard work are a vision that will deepen on our strengths and transform our campus.

Five areas of focus have been defined and developed, complete with rationale and a plan for implementation:

1) Defining Learning and Developing Leaders Read More
2) Ensuring an Inclusive and Diverse Community Focused on Excellence in all Domains Read More
3) Developing Facilities that Reflect our Mission, Values, and Holistic Approach to Education Read More
4) Engaging with Purpose in Tulsa and Beyond Read More
5) Sustaining Holland Hall’s Financial Future Read More