Developing Facilities

Developing Facilities that Reflect our Mission, Values, and Holistic Approach to Education


Holland Hall’s facilities must reflect what is best about our school: a sense of purpose, a respect for those who came before us, a strong sense of community, and a place for meaningful contribution. Our facilities must be designed and/or refined to create ample opportunity for students and families to experience the appreciation for school life in the areas of academics, arts, athletics, and service to others in ways appropriate and inviting to different age groups and to our guests. Great school communities know that learning unfolds in myriad places and is often unstructured. Spaces that invite informal conversation and learning about ideas and one another should be emphasized.



  • Build a highly efficient and sustainable dining and wellness facility for the purpose of connecting the school’s branches around healthy food, fitness-related wellness experiences, and opportunities simply to “be” in community together
  • Renovate the Middle School to inspire learning and leadership
  • Invest in technology upgrades that create seamless connections for learning in a relationship-based environment
  • Connect our campus to the community
  • Promote efficient use of campus facilities and property