Deans and Director’s Event

You’re Invited to Deans and Director’s Event, January 22, 2018.

Holland Hall Deans and Director’s Event, sponsored by the College Counseling office, has a wonderful and rich history. Dating back to 1985, this event hosts top college admission professionals from across the United States.

Our guests spend the day on campus with Holland Hall students, and the capstone of the event is an evening program in which parents have the opportunity to ask questions of our distinguished panel of guests to learn about trends in the ever-changing landscape of selective college admission.

Join us Monday evening, January 22, 2018, when we welcome Ms. Nan Davis from Austin College, Mr. Todd Rinehart from University of Denver, Mr. Kyle Wray from Oklahoma State University and Ms. Karen Richardson from Tufts University. It will be an evening you will not want to miss!

Deans and Director’s Event History

Johns Hopkins University, Ellen Kim
Clemson University, Robert Barkley
New York University, Shawn Abbott

Boston University, Kelly Walter
Northwestern University, Chris Watson
Rhodes College, Jeff Norris

Case Western Reserve University, Bob McCullough
Cornell University, Shawn Felton
Elon University, Greg Zaiser

Occidental College, Sally Stone Richmond
University of Chicago, James Nondorf
University of Oklahoma, Matt Hamilton

University of Georgia, Nancy McDuff
College of Charleston, Suzette Stille
Southern Methodist University, Wes Waggoner

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stephen Farmer
St. Olaf College, Michael Kyle
Rice University, Dan Warner

Indiana University, Mary Ellen Anderson
The George Washington University, Katherine Napper

Vanderbilt University, Doug Christiansen
Brown University, Jim Miller
University of Michigan, Ted Spencer

Davidson College, Christopher Gruber
University of Kansas, Lisa Pinamonti Kress
Princeton University, Janet Lavin Rapelye

Texas Christian University, Ray Brown
Colorado College, Mark Hatch
Columbia University, Peter Johnson

Trinity University, Christopher Ellertson
Sewanee: University of the South, David Lesesne
Pitzer College, Arnaldo Rodriguez
University of Pennsylvania, Lee Stetson

University of Southern California, Tim Brunold
Sweet Briar College, Ken Huus
Carleton College, Paul Thiboutot
University of Texas, Bruce Walker

Willamette University, Robin Brown
DePauw University, Madeleine Eagon
University of Missouri, Barbara Rupp
The University of Notre Dame, Dan Saracino

From Kelly Walter, visiting Dean in 2016 from Boston University:

“What an honor it was to visit Holland Hall… There was both an openness and a sense of pride in your school that I sensed from every single person that I met and a level of engagement that was remarkable. I feel quite fortunate to have had such a close, personal look at Holland Hall and to see, with great clarity, that you and your colleagues put students first in everything that you do.”