Happy New Year from Kistler Library!  It's the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac.

It's 2017 and we encourage you to stop in and check out something new. On display is a collection of non-fiction hobby and activity books.  How about trying a new activity like yoga or mindfulness to start the new year on a positive note? Or, learn how to knit, crochet, cook, draw manga or do magic! 

The 2017 Sequoyah Book Advisory Challenge is now underway with 4th and 5th Graders reading Sequoyah Books to see which advisory comes out on top.  Advisors are encouraged to read and add to their class totals! 


Ms. Masullo is currently reading "Wish" by award winning author Barbara O'Connor. 11 year old Charlie Reese has been making the same secret wish daily since fourth grade.  Shuffled off to live with an aunt and uncle she barely knows, Charlie must adjust and cope with many changes.  This is a charming middle-grade novel about a girl who, with the help of a true-blue friend, a big-hearted aunt and uncle, and the dog of her dreams, unexpectedly learns the true meaning of family in the least likely of places.- Amazon Check it out in the MS library or on Overdrive.


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Noodletools: All you need to know for research; your thesis statement, note cards, to do list, works cited. You can share your work with your teachers and other students.


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