4th-5th Grade

Holland Hall’s 4th and 5th Grade programs provide the necessary tools for success in the Middle School. Homeroom teachers serve as an advisor to facilitate students’ academic and social/emotional growth. As the expectations for homework increase, teachers emphasize organization and management of time and materials.

Language Arts

The language arts program was developed with an emphasis on the reading and writing workshop. The workshop model provides a framework for teaching and a repertoire of strategies for enhancing students’ independence and skills as readers and writers. Our reading instruction focuses on teaching students to independently use strategies at their instructional level. This provides opportunities for teachers to work with small groups of children on text that closely matches the children’s needs, abilities, and interests. Through the teaching of conventional writing skills, students learn to communicate ideas effectively, both verbally and in written form. The study of vocabulary, spelling, mechanics, and conventions is embedded within the writing process.


Our math program promotes the understanding and enjoyment of mathematics through the development of higher-level thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, the building of physical models, and the development of computational skills. Frequent activities with visual models help concrete thinkers begin to develop abstract reasoning abilities. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own mathematics learning and to communicate mathematically. Students also explore the patterns and extension of mathematical concepts building a relationship to the world in which we live.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum in the middle school empowers students to develop as citizens of an increasingly interconnected global society. Beginning in 4th Grade, our youngest Middle School students spend the year studying the regional geography of the United States. In 5th Grade, students devote a year of study to civics, including the U.S. Constitution and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. The study of U.S. history is embedded in both the 4th and 5th Grade courses. Extension activities are integrated with math, science, and language. Project and service-based learning highlight elements of the program.


The science program provides students the opportunity to explore through inquiry-based learning. The curriculum is guided by the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the STEM initiative. This class offers an intriguing balance of scientific knowledge, investigative experience, and an approach that enlivens the curiosity of the student, encouraging the advancement of his/her thinking from the concrete to the abstract. Much of the coursework is taught through hands on/in class activities. The basic science process skills are emphasized with a focus on following directions and recording information in various forms.


Enrichment programs are important components of our 4th and 5th Grade curriculum. They include Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Foreign Language, Library, Technology, and Religious Education. Students also participate in Physical Education daily.

Special Events

Outdoor Day, Field Day, B.E.A.R. (Be Enthusiastic About Reading) Night, writing and delivering of books to Crosstown Learning Center, Living Museum, Bird Festival, trips to the Oklahoma Science Museum (OKC) and Tulsa Zoo, America Day, the Sakawa/Wanata Track Meets, Engineering Fair, Field Day, School Out of Doors, the Brain Fair, and multiple service learning trips.