Our Preschool teachers work together in teams and across age-levels to build continuity in the sequence of a curriculum that includes all disciplines.  We develop our center-based curriculum around a series of themes.  These themes actively engage our three- and four-year olds in the learning process because they are relevant to their interest and, therefore, more meaningful.  Each classroom environment is set up in a very thoughtful and purposeful manner down to the littlest detail.

Visitors notice that many of the materials on the shelves connect to the current unit of study.

We are able to guide each student’s learning experiences, so they will develop skills appropriate for their individual abilities. If a child needs enrichment or extra support, we plan accordingly for that student. This arrangement allows the children to move around with increasing independence, manipulate materials to enhance their learning, and interact with other children to foster social and emotional growth.

Our classroom environment also encourages children to assume some responsibility for their learning; the children make decisions where to go and what to do with some guidance from the teacher. Some children move easily from one activity to another; others need encouragement to try new tasks.

General information summary of our program offerings:

  • 3-day, 5-day class options; hours (9:00am – 2:50pm) before and after care; children bring snack and a lunch (food service available for the 4s & Junior K classes)

  • Spanish lesson for all (1-2 times a week)

  • Religious instruction once a week

  • Library class is held once a month in the division’s library; both preschool areas also have a library for the children to check out books on a daily basis.

  • Music enrichment once a week for all 5-day students

  • P.E. once a week for 4’s in the 3-day program and twice a week in the 5-day program

  • Outdoor play twice a day on our specially designed playgrounds for each age level