Holland Hall graduation requirements.

The minimum requirement for graduation from Holland Hall is 21 credits taken in 9th-12th Grade. A one-semester course receives one-half credit and a full-year course receives one credit.

Foreign Languages

Three credits in a single language. One of these credits can be completed during the middle school years.


Three credits. Students who take “Conceptual Physics and Chemistry (CPC)” in 9th Grade must complete Biology and one additional credit.  Students who take Biology in 9th Grade instead of CPC must complete two additional credits.


Three credits taken during 9th-12th Grade. Minimum required courses are Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II taken during the Middle School or Upper School years.


Four credits. During 9th-11th Grade, students are required to take Exposition and Argumentation, Introduction to Literary Analysis, and American Studies.  During 12th Grade, students are required to choose two one-semester electives.

Social Studies

Three credits. During 9th-11th Grade, students are required to take Contemporary Issues: History and Origins, United States History, and American Studies.

Religious Studies

One-half credit. Students may take either Comparative Religion in 9th, 10th, or 11th Grade or Ethics in 11th or 12th Grade.

Fine Arts

One credit. Semester long or year long electives are available in the areas of music, theater, dance, or visual arts.

Additional Non-Departmental Requirements

  • Wellness – 9th Grade
  • College Seminar – 11th Grade
  • Senior Seminar – 12th Grade
  • Senior Internship Program – 12th Grade