Student Activities & Extracurricular

Student Council
The members of this student-elected organization are charged with sponsoring activities and projects that may include dances, parties, and community service activities.  Election of officers takes place in April for the following school year.

Student Forum
The members of the organization include Student Council officers as well as class presidents.  This organization serves as a vehicle for students and faculty to raise, discuss, and make recommendations on a variety of issues that affect the quality of student life in the Upper School and to engage in the democratic process to produce positive changes in policies and procedures.

Honor Council
The Student-Faculty Honor Council, composed of elected students and an equal number of elected faculty, meet with students who have violated major school rules.  The Honor Council is given the responsibility of recommending appropriate consequences to the dean, subject to the approval of the Head of the Upper School.

Cum Laude
The Cum Laude Society is a national honor society recognizing outstanding academic achievement.  Each spring an induction ceremony is held for new members.  Membership is limited to a small number of juniors and seniors who meet criteria set by the Cum Laude Society.

Foreign Language National Honor Societies
Holland Hall has formed chapters on National Honor Societies in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish.  These societies recognize outstanding intermediate and advanced students of the individual languages who have made  significant contribution to their adopted language and to the life of the school.

The Hallway is the student newspaper published regularly in the Upper School.  Any student may participate in the publication of the paper.  Opportunities available include writing, photography, editing, layout, and advertising.

The Windmill is a yearly publication offering the Holland Hall community the creative efforts of all students from grades Pre K-12.  The Windmill features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, and photography.

Eight Acres
Eight Acres is the title of the school yearbook.  Students may sign up to be a member of the yearbook staff.  Opportunities available include editing, writing, photography, layout, and advertising.

Dutch Spirit
The members of Dutch Spirit plan all-school pep rallies, paint signs for athletic contests, decorate lockers, and try to generate enthusiasm and support for the school’s athletic teams.

Community Service
The Community Service Program in the Upper School is an extension of the school’s mission to foster in every student a deep sense of social responsibility.  The program seeks to create in every student a life-long commitment to service in the school, the local community, and the world at large.  The program is overseen by a service learning board that is charged with establishing and maintaining contacts within the Tulsa community, publicizing and promoting service opportunities, and encouraging student involvement through advisor groups, clubs, classes, and school-wide projects.

Senior Internship
Each spring, the senior class leaves the traditional classroom to experience life in the workplace outside of school.  Under the supervision of faculty intern advisors, the student interns work for 50-70 hours in a workplace of their choice, record their experiences in journals and write an essay at the completion of their internship.  Satisfactory completion of the internship is a requirement for graduation.

Freshman Orientation
Freshman Orientation takes place in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK in late September and October.  Under the supervision of faculty and upper class leaders, the freshman camp out in the refuge for two nights.  Students are divided into patrols that remain together, cooking, hiking, exploring, and rock climbing.  The purpose of Freshman Orientation is to provide the 9th grade class with a significant bonding experience early in the school year.

Clubs are formed each year so that students have the opportunity to engage in activities that are of special interest to them.  Clubs meet during unscheduled time, before or after school or on the weekend.  Each club has at least one faculty sponsor.