The Holland Hall Experience is more than just lessons and activities that occur within the classroom setting, it includes the arts, athletics and extracurricular activities.

There are annual events that enhance the academic curriculum, such as Oklahoma Land Run, Balloon Launch and Ocean Museum Day. Other events unite the campus for fun and community building, such as the annual Convocation and Field Day.

Students can also explore their personal interests through clubs such as the Star Wars group, Japanese Pop Culture Group, Cooking Club and much more. Other opportunities include working on Hallway, the student newspaper; Eight Acres, the yearbook; the Buzz Middle School news; and Windmill, the annual artistic journal.

All activities at Holland Hall are focused on expanding the messages of the classroom, developing life skills and bringing the campus closer together.


School-Out-Of-Doors (SOOD) is an overnight program for students in the Middle School. Classes work, learn, eat and sleep out-of-doors at various camps around the state. In addition to being a bonding time for students, it also gives them an opportunity to learn from nature and challenge their perspectives of their personal skills.