Holland Hall offers several tuition payment plans.

Plan  A
100% of tuition, less enrollment deposit due by July 1, 2017
Tuition Refund Program (TRP) is optional if paid by July 1. For contracts issued and/or returned after July 1, TRP will be charged if full payment is not received within two weeks of Holland Hall’s receipt of the contract and deposit.

Plan  B
60% of tuition, less enrollment deposit due by July 1, 2017
1% per month interest is charged on the unpaid balance.

40% balance of tuition plus interest due by November 15, 2018
Tuition Refund Program (1.5% of tuition) is required.

Plan  C
After deposit, 10 monthly payments begin on July 1, 2017. Subsequent payments are due on the 15th of each month through April, 2018.
1% per month interest is charged. Tuition Refund Program (1.5% of tuition) is required.

Payment Plan by Grade Level

Student Activity Fee / Technology Fee
A Student Activity Fee is charged to students in all Branches to replace program-related expenses and to alleviate the necessity for fundraising for normal school activities other than community service and Board-approved fundraising projects. The fee is non-refundable. STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES ARE DUE BY JULY 1, 2017 AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE TUITION PAYMENT AMOUNTS.

Prekindergarten: $30
Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten: $40
1st-3rd Grade: $50
4th–5th Grade: $50/$50, Total $100
6th-8th Grade: $75/$100, Total $175
9th-12th Grade: $100


Estimated Additional Expenses

All Grades
Uniforms: approximately $200-$350

Bus transportation: $340-$500 per semester
(discounts given for multiple children in same family; limited routes available)
School pictures: $20-$40 (except Senior pictures)
Yearbook: approximately $75


Primary School
Instructional materials are provided by Holland Hall; however, parents should purchase a backpack and a lunch box for their student(s).
Optional student lunches are available through Sage for children in PreK through 3rd Grade at a cost of less than $5 per day.


Middle School
Books, rentals, magazines, and supplies: $300-$500
PE clothes and shoes, 4th-6th Grade: $100-125

Duke testing (7th Grade): $60-$75
Exchange Program and special trips are optional and range in costs.
Instrument rental: Strings $60-$125 per year depending upon instrument; Band $300-$600 per year depending upon instrument
Meal debit card: average $25 per week
Middle School play: $35
Music performance group apparel: $60


Upper School
MacBook laptop: $800-$1,200
Books, magazines, lab manuals, and supplies: $200-$500
Calculator: $100
College Application fees (Senior year only): $30-$90
International Languages National Exam: $6

Advanced Placement exams
: $91 each
Art supplies: $20
Driver’s Education: $380
Dutch Weekend: $50 per person; dress, tuxedo, or suit; cost of dinner
Graduation announcements: 10 are provided free of charge; orders thereafter are priced according to number ordered
Graduation apparel: Girls $100-$500; Boys $100-$150
Instrument rental: Strings $100 per year depending upon instrument, Band $350-$800 per year depending upon instrument (renting monthly to purchase)
ISAS Fine Arts Festival (by invitation only): $160-$200
Meal debit card: average $25-$40 per week
Music/Dance performance group apparel (may be used for several years): $60-$120
Photography supplies: $60-$100 per class
Senior pictures: $500-$700; charged by number ordered
Senior class ring: $600-$800


6th–12th Grade Athletic Expenses

Holland Hall provides athletic uniforms.

Sports equipment and apparel: $25-$100 per sport (e.g. socks, mouth guards, warm-ups, etc.)
Shoes: $50-$150


9th–12th Grade Athletic Expenses
All varsity teams order warm ups and wear them in all sports: $70

Athletic photographs: $8-$32