Defining Learning and Developing Leaders


Technology and our understanding of how the brain works are changing the learning landscape more rapidly than any other period in history. Curriculum can no longer simply be aligned toward knowing. For students to be competitive, well-balanced graduates and leaders, the totality of the school experience must encourage empathy, discernment, ethical-mindedness, authenticity, and open-mindedness. Holland Hall graduates lead; yet, we have to prepare them for unforeseen leadership challenges in the future. In accord with our One School approach, this endeavor begins in the Primary School and lasts through the senior year.



  • Actively orient the curriculum to reflect 21st century problems, opportunities, and needs while reflecting a respect for diverse experiences and perspectives
  • Focus on developing outstanding leadership capacities
  • Counsel to college beginning in the Middle School and provide programming for parents as early as Primary School
  • Orient our One-to-One Initiative toward challenged-based and project-based experiences
  • Build a faculty growth and evaluation model that inspires continual growth and rewards excellence
  • Orient professional development funding toward leading edge programs and faculty leadership
  • Create meaningful mentoring programs for new families, alumni, students, and faculty
  • Implement and staff a school-wide wellness program that helps foster a culture of wellness, mindfulness, and personal development
  • Clearly articulate measures that will inform our progress.