Ensuring an Inclusive and Diverse Community Focused on Excellence in all Domains


As the global landscape becomes more complex, future leaders will be required to be at ease with ambiguity, differences, and varying perspectives while maintaining a strong sense of their core values and beliefs. An exemplary educational experience in the Episcopal tradition should be oriented so students learn to build meaningful relationships with others from varying religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds—among other lines of difference. Essential to this endeavor is the understanding of the work and sacrifice those before us made in preparing us for the next steps in the life of our school.



  • Define academic excellence for the 21st century, and work to sustain a relentless focus on it
  • Create a culture of radical hospitality for students, faculty, families, and guests that continues to foster an ethos of continual improvement and adaptability
  • Actively recruit diverse faculty and families into the Holland Hall community and focus on inclusion
  • Form an actionable marketing plan
  • Aggressively share the successes from the Holland Hall community
  • Develop all school professional learning communities focused on best practices in teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment