Holland Hall’s 2013 ARTworks
Featuring Artist and Holland Hall Graduate
Karen Moody Tompkins

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Artist Reception
October 27
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Ticket cost $50
Reservations Required

Exhibition and Sale
October 28 – November 26
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Open to the Public

ARTworks Residency
October 28 – November 1
Student workshops with the artist will be held in all three branches

All events held at Holland Hall’s Holliman Gallery, Walter Arts Center,  5666 E. 81st St, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

ARTworks has had a rich tradition at Holland Hall since its inception in 1977. The program is in keeping with the schools’ core belief that an appreciation for and experiences in the arts are essential. As part of the program, the artist will work with students in each school division.

Karen Moody Tompkins 
Artist Statement: Circle Series

The Circle Series is a way of experiencing the ordinary in life as extraordinary. It is the Zen aspect of seeing things in their essence, as if for the first time, that propels the body of work. This extreme awareness is manifested when viewing the evanescent display created as a bubble forms.

First, a thin film balloons into a sphere and creates an independent, floating bubble. This spherical form has appeared that didn’t exist a split second before. Next, the bubble bursts in the blink of an eye and there is no trace of it. What appeared for an instant disappeared just as quickly. It is a magical experience to capture in paintings and photographs these quixotic bubble forms in the fraction of second that they exist, thereby offering the viewer a glimpse of the miraculous in everyday life.

Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have exalted in seeking out “the invisible keys of Nature” through his art.The invisible key that Nature hands us in this case is this: the knowledge that the most energy-efficient configuration in nature is a bubble. In this way, the Circle Series with images on canvas, vellum and paper brings to light a mysterious world of creation and transformation.



2013 ARTworks Committee

Chairs: Jill Smith

Primary School Education: Annatina Aaronson

Middle School Education: Diane Eaton and Stacey Robinowitz

Upper School Education: Larissa Meicke

2013 ARTworks Patrons

Dutch Masters Level
Roger & Francy Collins

Masters Level
David & Tammie Maloney
Eric Sherburn & Leigh Ann Moss
John & Leigh Reaves
Darton & Jamie Zink

Friends Level
Michael ‘93 & Annatina Aaronson
Jim & Susannah Hocutt ‘85 Adelson
Stephen & Annie Brady
Kenneth D. Busby ‘85
Angelo & Paige Cuzalina
Tom & Jean Ann Fausser
Randy & Kristi Gavlik
Roy & Kristie Grossman
Jean Felt Holliman ‘40
Keith & Leslie Kelly
Jonathan & Courtney Latta Knoblock
Bill ‘81 & Patty Jenkins ‘81 Lawson
Ed & Jay Lawson
Nielsen’s Gifts
Lawrence & Joanna Holliman ‘70 Potts
Kip & Gail Richards
Jaya Richardson
Scott & Stacey Robinowitz
Tray & Jo Siegfried
Mike & Amy Whitaker