Book Fair

Mark Your Calendars!
55th Holland Hall Book Fair
A Tulsa Tradition!
Saturday, February 28, 2015
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

About the Book Fair:

For the past 55 years, Holland Hall families along with many community members, donate books and original media for this annual February affair. Holland Hall families are encouraged to participate with donations in the month of October. Each student, (or family), donating, receives points according to their donation. The point slips for donations are available at each division office, on-line through Holland Hall and attached to the donation deposit Book Bins. Book Bins are well marked and conveniently located at each school division.

How do you get a chance at a prize?  Point slips! Point slips provide your child and his/her grade credit during the October drive period. To receive credit, you must fill out a point slip. Most families staple/tape their point slip to their donation. You need to fill out only one per donation and we also give extra points if your donation arrives in a usable box! (Noted on point slip!)

What Items Can You Donate?
Items accepted includes any gently used books, toys, board games, puzzles, original computer games/programs, original issue music media along with stuffed animals and education toys. Please refer to the point slip for your specific concerns and guidelines. Donations are accepted anytime of the year, and points, for your student, will be carried forward.

The Holland Hall Book Fair requires many people to generate this successful occasion, and that is where you, a Holland Hall community member, becomes integral. The opportunities to meet other parents while cashiering, sorting and pricing books in the book room, assisting set-up for the day of the sale and preview party, marshalling and informational assistance, the Book Fair offers many opportunities for new friendship while providing the prosperity for this event!