Student ID Cards

New student ID cards.

As of the 2017-18 school year, new ID cards will be distributed to students. The new IDs have an updated design and are available earlier in the year thanks to our yearbook team and their new photography group!

There are 2 types of IDs that will be issued this year:

  • Primary School and 4th–5th Grade cards have a barcode, as in the past, for certain needs.
  • 6th–12th Grade cards are now also proximity cards that will enable door access. These cards have embedded chips that will also allow for added capabilities for future use such as checking in and out, library, and point of sale.

Proximity Cards and Building Access

Faculty and staff have had proximity cards for door access for a number of years now, and the door system is tested and working well. As our buildings have become more secure, we want to ensure that students always have access when needed as they travel around campus for their various classes and activities. Students in 6th-12th Grade will now be included been included in this system. Details of use and times will be given to the students over the next few days with actual use beginning September 25, 2017. Primary School students and 4th–5th Graders always have an adult with them, so the new proximity IDs were not needed.

This also means that parents and visitors will need to adjust where they enter buildings, as doors that were formerly open during the school day will now be locked unless one has an ID card. For example, in the Upper School, the double wood doors will be locked during the school day and all visitors will need to enter through the main door, where our receptionist Debra Silkman sits.

As we begin to add capabilities to student IDs, it will be very important that students in 6th-12th Grade have their ID with them at all times. Morning checks to ensure students have them as they are off to school will be a good thing as we get started. Missing or lost IDs need to be reported immediately so that card’s access can be turned off and a new card issued. Holes should never be punched in any of the proximity ID cards. The cost for replacing a lost or damaged card will be $10, and that cost will be added to their accounts.

When future capabilities are added to the student ID cards, more information will follow.