Oklahoma Region Scholastic Art Award Winners

Posted on: Feb 10, 2015

For 2014-2015, The Oklahoma Region Scholastic Art entries included 99 Senior Art Portfolios and 2,040 Individual Entries that went through the Oklahoma Art Regions adjudication process.


After reviewing the artwork and discussion, the Oklahoma Region Judges have picked out the artwork that they feel is the best, of all of the entries that were submitted for this year’s student entries. 

The Oklahoma Region Gold Key Winners will advance on to the National Level, representing the Oklahoma Region, and will go through the National Level’s adjudication process along with other states’ Regional Gold Key Winners.

GOLD KEY AWARDS- on display now at the TCC Center for Creativity at the Metro Campus through Feb. 7
Adelson Elizabeth 11- Gold Key Art- Ceramics- “Go with the Flow”
Breannuna Lee 12- Gold Key Art- Ceramics- “Black Magic”
Wenger Rachel 11- Gold Key Art- Ceramics- “Celestial Dreams”

Adelson Elizabeth 11- Silver Key Art- Ceramics & Glass- “Eye of the Blue Tiger”
Elizabeth Adelson 11- Silver Key Art- Ceramics & Glass- “Emerald Desire”
Jennifer Byers 11- Silver Key Art- Ceramics & Glass- “Ashes to Ashes”
Samantha Karbelk 12- Silver Key- Photography- “Which Reflection Is True?”
Anna Schale 11- Silver Key Art- Photography- “Upholstered Flowers”
Rachel Wenger 11- Silver Key Art- Ceramics & Glass- “Walk In The Woods”
Rachel Wenger 11- Silver Key Art- Ceramics & Glass- “Merry-Go-Round”
Chloe Zahn 11- Silver Key Art- Photography- “Mothers’ Hands”

Arredondo Abraham 12, Honorable Mention- Ceramics  
Byers Jenna 11 – Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Abigail Campbell 11- Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Brianna Haden 12- Honorable Mention- Art
Samantha Karbelk 12- 3 Honorable Mentions- Photo
Kate Korneva 12- Honorable Mention- Art
Mercedes Pena 12- Honorable Mention- Ceramics 
Brooks Raguse 12- Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Ann Savage 12- Honorable Mentions- Photo
Anna Schale 11- 7 Honorable Mentions- Photo
Sadie Schiffmacher 12- Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Rachel Wenger 11- Honorable Mention- Ceramics