Holland Hall Students Place in the top of the Tulsa Engineering Challenge

Posted on: Mar 23, 2015

Holland Hall fourth and fifth graders showed off their Wacky Wonder Works projects during the Tulsa Engineering Challenge at Tulsa Technology Center on Friday, March 6. The competition ranged from4-12 grades including hundreds of students. Holland Hall students competed in the 4-6 grade division. The engineering challenge showcases various projects from ping pong ball launchers to rubber band powered cars. 


Fourth Grade

Paper Airplane Distance

1st Connor O’Sullivan

2nd Ty Barnes

3rd Cole Bacher

Paper Airplane Duration

1st Connor O’Sullivan
2nd Nate Mullendore

Fifth Grade
Ping-Pong Ball Launcher
1st Hunter Zahn
2nd Bridgette Dieterlen, Taylor Zahn
3rd Kennedy Zahn and Bailey Steele

Rubber Band Powered Car
3rd Jacob Irom, Jaden Tanver