Rachel Wenger Receives 2015 Princeton Book Award

Posted on: Apr 13, 2015

Rachel Wenger, a junior at Holland Hall, received a 2015 Princeton Book Award from the Princeton Book Club of Tulsa.  Greater Tulsa area high schools are invited annually to nominate two juniors  and two sophomores to be considered for the Award.  Rachel was one of four Tulsa area students, two sophomores and two juniors, selected for the honor.

“Rachel was nominated because she is an excellent student and an involved member of the Holland Hall community,” said Ronda Cooper, college counselor.  Students nominated must be in the top ten percent of their class, demonstrate strength of character, leadership qualities, creativity, and extraordinary talent in a specific area. The students then complete an application process that includes a personal essay.

Winning the award was quite exciting for Rachel.  “My essay was entirely about my art and how it reflects who I am as a person,” she stated.  “It was wonderful to see that the judges enjoyed hearing about the artistic side of my life at Holland Hall and how it has influenced the person I am today.”  Rachel is quite an accomplished artist in ceramics.

The purpose of the Princeton Book Awards is to recognize outstanding high school students, to raise the visibility of Princeton within a community and to spread the awareness of the University among exceptionally talented potential applicants, high school counselors, administrators and faculty.

“Winning this award,” added Cooper, “will put Rachel on the radar of the Princeton alumni group in Tulsa and many colleges and universities.  She will have wonderful opportunities as she moves through the college admission process.”
Rachel Wegner is not yet sure where she plans to go to college, but hopes to continue her Spanish and art studies once she gets there.  “Holland Hall has prepared me for my future in countless ways.  From managing my time to writing essays, Holland Hall has taught me skills that will help me in the future.  The most important thing I have learned here is how to balance my class work without giving up other activities I love, such as my art or riding.”