Lizzie Adelson Was Born To Jump

Posted on: Sep 17, 2015

Holland Hall senior Lizzie Adelson was recently featured in Sidelines Magazine in an article that highlighted both her track and field and horse show successes. The article says, “In the world of track and field, Lizzie is the best high-school high jumper in the state of Oklahoma and has set an all-time record…In the world of horses and show jumping, Lizzie is at the barn 10 hours per week and is on the road showing 20 weekends a year.” After setting high jumping records in the SEC and USATF Youth National Championship and continuing to balance track and field with her school work and horse shows, Lizzie has begun her senior year thinking about college and competing in track and field. Her record-setting high jumping has caught the attention of several college track and field coaches and she is weighing her options as she considers track teams and academics. As well, Lizzie has shadowed both large and small animal veterinarians and said, “I like the sciences so I think it would be cool to be a vet. I’m also doing research in a chemistry lab at Tulsa University this summer.” To read the full article, please visit Sidelines Magazine’s website.