All your child needs, for today and tomorrow.

Posted on: Jul 16, 2016


A budding artist and a scientist in training. A someday poet and a mathematician in the making. A student full of promise today and a maker, thinker, and leader for tomorrow. How will you find the right school for your child who’s becoming something new every day?

At Holland Hall, we offer all she needs for all she’s becoming.

Our intentionally small scale means your child’s teachers truly know who he is and where his strengths and passions lie. Our ambitious curriculum and expansive extracurricular offerings widen her horizons, uncover hidden talents, and awaken unexpected interests. And our community of educators, students, and families welcomes him warmly and contributes to both his academic success and his happiness.

Close-knit classes AND wide-ranging courses. Individual attention AND personal accountability. Welcoming classmates AND accessible teachers. She finds it ALL at Holland Hall.

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Now accepting applications for limited spots in preschool – 12th Grade.

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