4 Things You Need to Know About the Holland Hall Upper School.

Posted on: Dec 18, 2018

There are many things that make Holland Hall stand out among other schools in the region — it’s Tulsa’s only PreK through Grade 12 Independent Episcopal School, the student/teacher ratio is 9:1 making the typical class size for an Upper School core class only 13 students, and it is on a beautiful, centrally-located 162-acre wooded campus. Ask an alum or current student, and they will add that the small class size means teachers truly get to know each student, and they are provided the bedrock education needed to succeed in college, work, and the world beyond.

However, if your child is going into grade 9–12 or you are planning ahead for your younger child, there are some additional aspects of the Upper School that make the experience completely unique! Here are 4 things you need to know about the Holland Hall Upper School:

#4 – The Advisory System

  • All Upper School students are paired with a Faculty Advisor who is there to help them with every facet of high school life, from picking out classes to dealing with personal questions and issues, should they arise — the Advisor becomes an important advocate for students academically and a support system socially.
  • Not only do the student and Advisor get to know each other well, parents can also develop a close relationshp with the Faculty Advisor and work together to ensure their child’s success.
  • Advisors help students stay on track for graduation through guidance on course selection, extra-curricular activities, and the college application process.

“As students develop connections with other faculty members they have the chance to change if they develop a deeper relationship. We really try to make sure students are a good fit with their advisor.” –Christy Utter ’92, Director of Alumni Relations, Head Field Hockey Coach, Track Coach, and Faculty Advisor

#3 – The College Counseling Office

  • The Holland Hall Upper School has a 28 to 1 student-to-counselor ratio, allowing Counselors to get to know each student and help them find their best-fit college.
  • College reps from across the United States visit regularly DURING THE SCHOOL DAY! Click here to see the 2019 fall rep visit schedule.
  • 80 – 90% of seniors are accepted to their first-choice college.

“Thank goodness for College Counseling. As parents we are aware of the general college application process, however, College Counseling took it a step further by making sure my daughters’ applications were complete. This included submitting their transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores. College Counseling also guided my daughters to understand if the colleges they were interested in were a true fit for them. My daughters were both admitted to their top schools and we couldn’t thank College Counseling enough.” –Charlyn Terry, mother of Victoria ’16 and Lauryn ’19

#2 – The Modular Schedule

  • The Upper School utilzes an A–F Day Cycle consisting of 18 22-minute “mods.” Most classes are in 2-mod blocks which gives focused instructional time and enhances the classroom experience.
  • Each day of the week is different with free time in-between classes, allowing students to learn time-management, self-advocacy, and truly prepare for a college schedule.
  • Enjoy extra work-time or practice in the arts? Need extra help on homework? Have a group project? Need to meet with your teacher? Unscheduled time between mods is the perfect time to work on projects, schedule meetings, or find your favorite spot on campus for a quiet moment.

“(The schedule) prepares you not only for college but for the workforce. It set me apart from my college peers and now my workforce peers in my ability to manage time, deadlines, and multiple projects.” –Kristen Graybill ’14, Educational Leadership Consultant for Kappa Alpha Theta

#1 – The Goddard Scholarship

  • The Goddard Scholarship is Holland Hall’s only merit-based scholarship. If your child is going into 9th Grade, they may qualify – $5,000 off of tuition doesn’t sound too bad!
  • Click here to learn more about the Goddard merit-based Scholarship.

“My daughter ended up in a perfect school for her – small, liberal arts in the northeast, and our son is also headed to his fit – bigger, in the mountains near lots of outdoor activities. The College Counselors, through four years of interacting with your children, know who they are as students and individuals — something that we are beyond fortunate to have access to at Holland Hall.”

–Mendi Dunn, mother of Langley ’15 and Barrett ’19