School Skills — Roadmaps to Success for All Ages

Posted on: Sep 06, 2019

Sending your child(ren) to Holland Hall is undoubtedly one of the most important investments in your family’s life. Our faculty spend each day connecting with and educating Holland Hall students to ensure this investment results in well-rounded, high-achieving, authentic contributors to the Holland Hall community and beyond. But many other skills can be practiced by students and families that will contribute greatly to the roadmap to success. It is essential that the students, families, and the School commonly understand the value of each individual’s role in creating this dynamic educational experience.

While not a guarantee of outcome, the following steps and skills can help each student to be their best self and thrive in school, career, and the world beyond.

Steps and Skills for Primary School Families and Students:

STEP: Read aloud.
SKILLS: Language development is essential to success in school.

STEP: Engage in pretend, sing songs, and create art projects.
SKILLS: Creativity and memory are muscles that can be developed with repetition.

STEP: Give directions then teach and encourage follow-through.
SKILLS: Simple two- and three-step directions on tasks will enhance children’s ability to respond to and follow instructions.

STEP: Be consistent in routine and sleep.
SKILLS: Both are key to adolescent brain development.

STEP: Get outside!
SKILLS: Nature walks, playtime, and visiting parks/playgrounds allow for interaction and exploration with other children and increased connectivity to the natural world.

Steps and Skills for Upper and Middle School Students:

STEP: Demonstrate effective collaboration and respectful interactions.
SKILLS: Active and willing listener.
Positive and uplifting attitude.
Does their part to positively enhance the space they occupy.
Responds to redirection from adults.
Understands the requirements of each educational environment.
Understands and abides by the rules of the community.

STEP: Communicates with teachers and advocates for self.
SKILLS: Checks in with teachers if a class is missed.
Seeks help when having difficulty.

STEP: Arrives to class prepared and ready to learn.
SKILLS: Completes all required work before class.
Stays on top of assignments.
Have all the materials needed for class.

STEP: Engages actively in class activities.
SKILLS: Willing to work hard even when challenged.
Asks questions and cooperates with peers and instructors.

STEP: Uses technology responsibly to enhance learning.
SKILLS: Aware of and follows the responsible use policy.
Understands the impact of online behavior in and outside of school.

STEP: Independently uses available resources and manages assignments.
SKILLS: Asks questions of instructors, uses classroom materials.
Aware of due dates and balances work in different classes.
Asks for the help of the appropriate individuals when needed.