Survey Results and PowerSchool Learning

Posted on: Mar 27, 2020

March 27, 2020

Dear Holland Hall Families,

The weekend is almost here! We all hope you have a safe and healthy weekend. I am so thankful for you, for our students, and for our faculty for how we have conducted ourselves this week. The support and the collective rooting for one another is something to be cherished.

Another letter will be arriving in your inbox later today. Our counselors, Ryan Myers and Cassie Gray, are writing to you offering some thoughts and resources on how you might broach some of the questions about the pandemic and how it’s changed living for the time being. We are so fortunate to have their care and wisdom, especially right now.

One last thank you for sharing your thoughts on Remote Learning via our survey. Below, please find a high level summary of what you shared with us from the most salient questions.

Keep in mind that all constructive feedback is being reviewed and considered. The data below is simply an overview. Especially with regard to your comments, I have shared actual responses that are typical of higher frequency responses. Yes, some are even more positive and some are more negative. And they all matter. Please know, too, that we are working with PowerSchool Learning to resolve the issues that continue to arise. I will share in more detail about those issues next week and want to thank you for your patience. It’s frustrating, no doubt.

Our Branch Heads, Mr. Hart, and our faculty will see and process your feedback at the Branch and grade levels. Also, the questions you submitted will form additional FAQs on the school’s COVID-19 page. Look for more detailed information regarding FAQs Tuesday.

Please do take care,

How satisfied were you with Holland Hall’s shift to remote learning?

What was affirming, surprising and/or needs more attention related to online learning?

(Actual responses from the most frequent feedback.)

The first thought that stuck out was the genuine care behind the teacher’s messages. It was clear that they are here to support and encourage parents during such a transition. Feeling the overall support from the teachers has given me all of the confidence I need. Knowing that they’re not just saying “here you go, do XYZ by the end of the day..” but instead are offering their help and advice and care is extremely comforting and takes the worst of the pressure off. Mindset leads everything in my opinion, and the teachers’ mindsets are truly the best.

It would be nice for my student to still have contact with his teachers and classmates daily. My other children talk with their teachers and classmates at least twice a day.

So far it’s all been pretty good. I wish the times to hand in stuff were later for those of us who work in the morning and spend afternoon/evenings doing the school stuff but that’s just a minor thing…

Getting on PowerSchool is difficult. Too many trying to use at the same time. Maybe spread out assignments throughout the day or week more.

We appreciate the school’s updates and communication. The kids enjoyed chatting with their advisors and have enjoyed the different ways in which to complete their work, such as videos and google groups. There seems to be some delays in accessing PSL which has caused a little frustration.

Our daughter is in early pre-k, so I know this doesn’t go for most of the school, but Mrs. Bagwell’s personal touches are extremely helpful. Doing the morning song and hearing her voice is returning a sense of normalcy and routine to our daughter who is struggling with the quarantine. I can’t thank the administration and teachers enough for going above and beyond right now.

Assignments seem “scattered” on Power School, with students having to check several places to find out what to do. It needs to be simpler for younger students.

Teachers are very organized and most assignments seem clear and reasonable. Issues are performance of PSL and over time would like to see more videos from teachers. It seems uploading videos to PSL has issues, if there aren’t privacy/legal issues with it I’d recommend putting the videos on YouTube and just sharing links on PSL.

Having clear schedules and expectations (from teachers) as early as possible was helpful so we could implement structure at home. We’ve struggled most with figuring out how to have two adults working and two children that need school support–as many have I’m sure.

Has the workload on your student been …

Has communication with teachers been …

Has communication from the school been …

How has your experience with the technology been?