Doing your part in Holland Hall’s Commitment to Community Health

Posted on: Aug 21, 2020

Dear Holland Hall community,

Take some time as a family, maybe at the kitchen table, to discuss some of the essential principles below. They offer a way for us to count on one another when school resumes over the next two weeks. We are calling them Holland Hall’s Commitment to Community Health.

If you’re reading through them and encounter questions, or if for some reason in good conscience you find yourself at odds with what we are asking of you, please come straight to me. It’s time to start imagining being at school, and we need your support.


The Holland Hall Commitment to Community Health

We understand that what each of us does can affect all of us, that we all benefit by making school days possible together, and that simple mitigation efforts really work. Our family promises to:

Create and maintain continuity between school and home, consistently reinforcing efforts to promote healthy choices and proven practices to limit any potential COVID exposure.

Complete daily wellness checks before school and to never, ever, come to school sick, as a core element of doing our part to keep everyone safe.

Keep an unbending promise to use face coverings indoors at school, to practice physical distancing, to wash hands frequently, and to pay special attention to preventative hygiene measures.

Be mindful and careful of events anywhere that bring together large numbers of people, and even small numbers of people who are not adherent with masking guidelines, particularly in settings that are unfamiliar and likely to be congested.

Respond to any calls, requests, or updates from Holland Hall regarding the health of your child.

Speak up, within our circles of influence, in support of these essential principles, knowing the difference each of us, and all of us, can make and the importance of setting an example for our city at a time of great need, one decision at a time, starting today.

J.P. Culley

Head of School