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Welcome to College Counseling at Holland Hall.

college counselingVery few schools are fortunate enough to have the small college counselor to student ratio enjoyed by Holland Hall students. Three College Counselors attend to the needs of a class of approximately 80 seniors, affecting a ratio of 1:26. (According to The National Association of College Admission Counselors’ most recent report the national average is 395 students per counselor.)

Our counselors also visit a number of college campuses annually, meeting with admission officials and establishing valuable contacts. In turn, admission representatives from top colleges and universities across the country come to Holland Hall’s Upper School yearly to meet with our students. We also host Deans of Admission at our annual Deans’ and Directors’ Event early in the spring semester; again building rapport with them and allowing them to see first-hand the advantages Holland Hall offers its students.

Involvement is at the heart of a student’s Holland Hall education. Holland Hall students are valued for their individuality, their integrity and their enthusiasm for learning. The College Counseling department works continually to make sure universities recognize our students’ academic and extracurricular strengths.

All this leads to quality and in-depth counseling with each student and his or her family. Our counselors partner with the student and parents to seek the best “fit,” that is, the most suitable colleges.

The College Counseling Team

college counseling 2Brent E. Casey
Director of College Counseling
(918) 481-1111, Ext. 4718


college counseling 3Ronda K. Cooper
College Counselor
(918) 481-1111, Ext. 4780


college counseling 4Ashlee L. Lowry
College Counselor
(918) 481-1111, Ext. 4719


college counseling 5Laura Vance
Registrar & Administrative Assistant to College Counseling
(918) 481-1111, Ext. 4726


College Counseling Handbook

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Students must register through Naviance to attend college visits.