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Updated February 21, 2020

Boston University Summer Journalism Institute
Two-week sessions, June 22-July 31, 2020
Ages 14 and older
Some of the topics covered include: Finding investigative story ideas, Writing a news story (hard news, profile, and feature stories), Writing an investigative piece, How to perform a background check, and Presenting your findings on the web, in print, and for broadcast. Photojournalism is also an option this year. $3,500. Financial aid is available.

DEADLINE: April 1, 2020

Wake Forest Summer Institutes
1 week sessions over 7 weeks
Current 9th-11th graders
Over 15 institutes to choose from including sports business, neuroscience, biosciences and engineering, sports medicine, business, psychology, and law. $2,350. Here are a few highlights:
Entrepreneurship Institute – Charlotte, NC
Discover and hone skills to become a savvy and self-motivated entrepreneur. From participating in a design thinking workshop to networking with young, driven entrepreneurs to pitching a product presentation, the Entrepreneurship Institute will jumpstart young visionaries toward their entrepreneurial dreams.
Neuroscience – Winston-Salem, NC
Explore the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field encompassing the study of the nervous system and its role in regulating behavior. Examine the structure of the brain through hands-on dissection. Learn how sensory systems detect stimuli in the environment and how drugs affect the brain. Visit active neuroscience labs as well as conduct exciting neuroscience experiments.
Policy & Politics Institute – Winston-Salem, NC
Do you seek to make an impact on our nation’s future? Learning how the U.S. political system functions and how the political culture has evolved over time is critical to achieving this goal. Engage and network with politicians, activists, and policymakers and participate in an election simulation to truly discover the ins and outs of political science and its impact on our world.

DEADLINE: Rolling admission, but February 28 for financial assistance.

ARTS: California College of the Arts Pre-College
June 2-July 17, 2020
Students 15 or older
An immersion experience to challenge students at all levels of artistic experience. Concentrations include animation, architecture, ceramics, film, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interior design, photography, and sculpture among others. ~$4,900. Scholarships available.

DEADLINE: March 30, 2020

BUSINESS: The University of Texas McCombs Future Executive Academy (MFEA)
May 31-June 5, 2020
Rising juniors and seniors
This is your chance to discover what a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree and a career in business could mean for you. Spend a week in June, all expenses paid, at the top-rated McCombs School of Business on The University of Texas at Austin campus. You will live in a residence hall; meet faculty, business professionals and other students interested in business; attend hands-on workshops; take field trips to Austin-area companies; and create a real marketing plan for a local business. FREE.

DEADLINE: April 1, 2020

The Discover Yourself in Accounting Majors and Careers (DYNAMC)
June 21-26, 2020
This all expenses paid program offers high school students from all backgrounds the chance to explore career paths in accounting. DYNAMC is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, make new connections, and see all the advantages there are to being a part of the nation’s #1 accounting program.

Business: Texas Christian University High School Investor Challenge
May 31-June 5 or June 14-19, 2020
Rising seniors
The TCU High School Investor Challenge is a one-week summer camp that teaches high school seniors the techniques of stock investing and portfolio management. Students live in a residence hall on campus and learn to analyze industry and company information, value company stock, and manage a virtual portfolio. After the camp, each student is given a $100,000 virtual portfolio to manage during his/her senior year. $895.

DEADLINE: April 9, 2020

Columbia University Summer High School Programs, New York, Barcelona, or Jordan
All grade levels depending on the location
Students can choose to study in New York, Barcelona, or Jordan. Over 70 academic options.

DEADLINE: March 15, 2020

Middlebury Monterey Academy, Granada, France, Beijing, or Vermont
The Academy offers a rigorous four-week language immersion experience for 8th-12th grade students who are passionate about language proficiency and cultural understanding. Speaking in their target language 24/7, while engaging in meaningful cultural exploration projects, students make unrivalled strides in language acquisition in four weeks. $6,095-$7,495.

DEADLINE: March 1 for discounted pricing

Updated January 31, 2020

Cornell University Catalyst Engineering Academy
July 12-18, 2020
Rising juniors and seniors
One-week summer residential program for students who excel in math and science, enjoy solving problems, and want to learn more about careers in engineering. Cornell University’s world-renowned faculty and graduate students lead participants in classes, lab sessions, and project research. $1,450. Financial assistance available. Rising seniors (class of 2021) who are African/Black American, Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, or Pacific Islander and/or first generation college students meeting the requirements below will automatically be considered for a full tuition waiver for the 2020 CATALYST Academy (PSAT/SAT math subscore of 650 or an ACT math of 28).

DEADLINE: March 2, 2020

Duke University Youth Programs
Multiple sessions, summer 2020
Grades 9-11
Biosciences and Engineering – Topics include: biomechanics, biomedical imaging, electrobiology, biomolecular and tissue engineering. Through hands on activities in various engineering lab settings, students will learn about the current tools and techniques used in research. Additionally, they will develop relevant, real-life problem definitions and go through the engineering design process to generate possible solutions to the problem they define. The problems defined will be derived from exposure to the current research conducted during the first week of the camp. $3,900

Cracking the Code: High School Crypto-Camp – This interdisciplinary camp breaks down cryptology into three courses of study: the history of cryptology and debate the ethics of spying and encryption; elementary computer programming in Python; and the mathematical theory behind cryptography and cryptanalysis. $3,900

Neurosciences – This camp addresses cognitive neuroscience and neuroethics. Topics include: cognition, social & affective neuroscience, perception, decision-making, morality and brain-machine interfaces. Students will experience hands on, applied problem solving activities and labs with researchers associated with the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Research and complete project work in cognitive, social and emotional neuroscience. $3,900

B&B Tulsa Starworld 20 Movie Theater
Cashier/General Employee

Updated January 24, 2020

Arts: Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain
June 13-28, 2020
All high school students
The Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute (OSAI) is an intensive academy for Oklahoma high school students in the fields of acting, creative writing, ballet, modern dance, orchestra, chorus, drawing and painting, photography, and film and video. Auditions begin January 25 for various disciplines. FREE/Full scholarships for all accepted students.

DEADLINE: Noon on the Friday before auditions, as early as January 24, 2020

Economics for Leaders
Various college campuses and dates throughout the summer
Rising juniors and seniors
Teaches the next generation of leaders to integrate economics concepts into the process of decision-making through a hands-on, experiential atmosphere. The goal of the Economics for Leaders program is to give promising students the skills to be more effective leaders and give students the knowledge to understand the economic concepts shaping the global economy. $1,800. Scholarships available.

DEADLINE: February 5, 2020 to receive a $300 discount. Final deadline: March 18, 2020

*We have had a student attend this program in the past with positive feedback!

Pre-College: Notre Dame Leadership Seminars
July 18- July 29, 2020
Rising seniors
All expenses paid/FREE opportunities. These are great topics to consider. Selection process is competitive. 2020 seminars: The Environment: Science, Policy, Ethics; Global Issues-Violence and Peace in the Modern Age; or The State of Race in 21st Century America.

DEADLINE: January 27, 2020

Notre Dame Summer Scholars
June 27-July 11, 2020
Current sophomores and juniors
Offers 24 tracks of academic study including social justice, business, international relations, law, global health, film, and psychology. $3,750.

DEADLINE: February 18, 2020

*We’ve had a student attend recently with great feedback.

Pre-Pharmacy: Samford University Pharmacy Camp
June 21-26, 2020
Rising juniors and seniors
Learn about careers in pharmacy and about pre-pharmacy courses that can prepare you for pharmacy school. You will participate in hands-on pharmacy science lab demonstrations, compounding activities, and unique service projects. You will also gain essential patient assessment skills, tour local health care facilities and pharmacies, experience campus life and have fun! $550.

DEADLINE: February 1, 2020

Science Research: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) Fleming Scholars
Summer 2020
Rising seniors
Paid biomedical research for eight weeks. Fleming scholars work in state-of-the-art biomedical research laboratories on individual projects and are supervised by senior members of the OMRF scientific staff. Every effort is made to assign scholars to laboratories conducting research of particular interest to them. On the final day of the program, scholars give formal scientific seminars outlining the findings of their projects. Parents, teachers, OMRF staff and other guests are invited to attend. Each scholar also writes a scientific paper summarizing his/her summer project.

DEADLINE: February 1, 2020

Travel/Service/Language Immersion: Global Works
Various Summer Dates
Ages 13-18
For 25 years, Global Works has been providing exceptional Community Service, Cultural Exchange, Adventure Travel, and Language Immersion programs for teens. A common trait for participants includes a desire to learn more about other people and cultures. The programs take students to visit three to five different communities, providing a cross-section of cultures and environments— from rural villages to capital cities. Community Service projects are an integral part of every Global Works trip and students can earn up to 60 hours. Programs can include a homestay. Programs range from 2-4 weeks. There is an intro to pre-med and public health in Nicaragua that looks valuable. $3,795-$6,995.

Please contact Ashlee Lowry at alowry@hollandhall.org for more information about any of these programs.