2020 Speaker — Daniel Lerner

The Kistler-Gilliland Center for the Advancement of Learning program is proud to welcome Daniel Lerner in January 2020.

A psychology professor, strengths-based performance coach, and expert on all things positivity, Dan Lerner studies the ways happiness influences our success. Lerner co-authored the book U Thrive: How to Succeed in College and in Life alongside his teaching partner Dr. Alan Schlechter, a leading child and adolescent psychologist. A comprehensive guide through the often unforeseen demands of college life, U Thrive is filled with fascinating research and real-life anecdotes to help students build life-long positive habits that will endure past graduation.

Can success and happiness coexist? According to positive psychologist Daniel Lerner, we can all accomplish our career goals and live well.

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For more information or with questions about the speaking event, please contact Gina Johnson at gjohnson@hollandhall.org.

“[U Thrive] is a user’s guide to the mind and body, written for young adults on the cusp of mastering both!”

Angela Duckworth, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grit