Today a Reader; Tomorrow a Leader.

– Margaret Fuller

Holland Hall has three libraries on campus – one in each branch for Upper School, Middle School, and Primary School students. This provides each age-level of student with access to outstanding resources and dedicated professionals in each library. Collections total more than 70,000 items and include an ever expanding array of formats–books, e-books, periodicals, video recordings, musical recordings, etc. — as well as numerous age-appropriate online databases to accommodate users’ information needs. Each library serves its constituency of students, teachers, staff, and parents as a resource to support the mission of the school and to help users become independent, information-literate, life-long learners. In addition, the library is an intellectual focal point of each school, enriching curriculum, promoting reading, disseminating ideas, and teaching research skills.

Calling Alumni Authors

We are creating a special section in the Upper School’s Chapman Library dedicated to all works by our alumni. If you have published a book, no matter the subject, and wish to donate a copy to our library, please contact Christy Utter at cutter@hollandhall.org.