4th Grade Science Club, Ms. Vrooman
4th Grade Science Club will meet once or twice per month on Thursdays from 3:10 to 4:10 in Room 4D. Activities will include Science games, guest speakers, field trips, hiking, nature, camping….you gotta come to Science Club!

4th/5th Spanish Club, Mrs. Culley
This club will meet the second Tuesday of each month, 3:15-4:15, in Mrs. Culley’s room #116. It is meant for 4th & 5th grade world language students interested in speaking more Spanish, learning about Spain, playing games, and so much more! It is limited to 15 students, so sign-up in Mrs. Culley’s room!

Academic Team, Mr. Donaldson
Academic Team is for 6th-8th grade students. Practices will be held either Mondays or Thursdays from October – December in Room 6A from 3:30-4:15. Competitions will take place after school on Wednesdays from January- March, those locations will be announced.

Board Games and Puzzles Club, Ms. Masullo, Ms. Culley, & Ms. Pohl
This club, for 4th & 5th Grade students, will meet in the Library on the 2nd/4th Mondays of each month from 3:15-4:15.

Book Fair Club, Ms. Pohl/Ms. Tanaka
4th & 5th Grade Students, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month from 3:15-4:15 pm in the MS Library. Sort, snack and talk about books! All while helping the community!

Choir Leadership Council, Ms. Fogarty
For 6th-8th Grade Students, the Choir Leadership Council is a community of students who are interested in helping build leadership and community within the choirs at Holland Hall. This group will meet twice per semester before school.

Craft Club, Ms. Butler
For 4th & 5th Grade Students, this club will meet in the Art Room from 3:15-4:00. The first 2 dates are September 12 and October 31.

Drama Club, Ms. Scarberry
For 6th-8th Grade Students, will meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 3:45-5:00 pm in the MS Black Box. If you are interested in acting, improv, production, or stage work join us!

EAC – Environmental Action Club, Ms. Rogers
For 5th & 6th Grade Students, will meet every Friday from 3:15 – 4:15 in Room 6D.

French Club, Ms. Mason
For 4th-8th Grade Students. French Club will meet in Room 115, as announced during class.

Math Club, Ms. Peters
4th & 5th Grade Students, 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month from 3:15-4:15 pm in Room 124 (beginning September 26). Games, puzzles, brainteasers, cube solving, and more!

Math Counts, Ms. Stirling
For 5th-8th Grade students. Math counts will practice Mondays after school until 4:40 pm in Room 6B.

Orchestra Practice Club, Ms. Richardson
This club meets on Wednesdays after school until 4:45 in the MS Orchestra room and is open students who would like to practice instruments at school.

Sketchup/3D Design, Ms. Matthews
This club is for 7th & 8th Grade students. Students will use 3D Design Software used by artists, architects, designers, and engineers. Sketchup will meet in the Library on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month from 3:45-4:45.

Stem Club, Ms. Potter & Ms. Lamar
If you are interested in science, engineering, and robotics, then this is the club for you! 5th& 6th Grade Stem Club will meet the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month from 3:15-4:15 in the MS Design Center beginning 9/19. 7th/8th Grade Stem Club will meet the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month from 3:45-4:45 in the MS Design Center beginning 9/19.

Student Leadership/Executive Council, Ms. Parker/Mr. Cyrus
The elected officers of our Executive Council will meet during the school day in Room 107.

Yearbook & Journalism Club, Ms. White
Open to 8th Grade students during E-day study-hall. Club will travel to the upper school to work with Yearbook staff … It’s a lot of fun and allows students to experience some of the happenings of the upper school before you are a freshman.