Advisor Systems and Student Support

The Advisor-Advisee System

Each student in the Upper School is assigned a faculty member to serve as that student’s advisor. The purpose of the advisor-advisee system is to allow for the close supervision of each student’s progress and to make each student aware that there is one person on the faculty who is keenly interested and knowledgeable of his/her progress and status in every phase of school life.

The advisor load for each faculty member varies from four to eight students. The advisor is available at all times for discussions about curricular matters, selection of courses, information about grades and comments, and general guidance and counseling. The advisor is usually the first point of contact when parents have concerns about their student.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center offers support services to enhance or extend learning skills for students who have special learning needs. The Learning Specialist offers assistance with learning strategies that include:

  • time management
  • organizational skills
  • note taking
  • test taking
  • listening efficiency