Tulsa Term

The CITY becomes the classroom.

At Tulsa Term, cohorts comprised of juniors and seniors from participating Tulsa Public Schools and Holland Hall will use academic skills and experience to encounter the places and people of Tulsa, face real problems, create solutions, and make a difference in the city. Tulsa Term credits on a transcript stand for true engagement in our world.

Tulsa Term is an immersive school semester where students directly engage with the city through meaningful assignments and projects. Our learning philosophy is student-centered, place-based, and transdisciplinary. We draw on effective methods, such as design thinking, to foster deep learning. Our home-base is downtown Tulsa, where innovative learning can thrive. However, our work will carry us beyond downtown as we explore the city and surrounding areas as a whole. With each unit of study, we will develop a better understanding of the places, people, policies, and promise unique to the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Term empowers students to take charge of their learning and to become agents of change in their community. We encourage social responsibility by producing leaders who will serve and seek to better the places they live for years to come.

Upon completion of Tulsa Term, students will earn high school credits to be applied to their transcripts. Tulsa Term students will not only be more college ready but also practiced in engaged citizenship.

What Do You Gain from Tulsa Term?

  • Real world skills and experience
  • College preparation
  • Academic credit
  • English, History, Science, Statistics, Elective determined by Capstone project-based theme
  • Deeper relationships
  • Self-knowledge

What Does Tulsa Gain from You?

  • Thoughtful solutions
  • Innovative ideas
  • Provocative questions
  • Informed leaders

Timeline for Cohort #3

Applications Open:
October 2019

Applications Close:
February 21, 2020

Acceptance Notification: 
February 28, 2020

Launch Date for Cohort #3:
January 2021


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Jane Beckwith

Eder J. Williams McKnight

“Jane Beckwith and Eder J. Williams McKnight are nationally recognized master teachers in the field of experiential learning. This program will take our curriculum to the next level of sophistication & effectiveness as a progressive school.”

– Frances Fondren-Bales
Upper School Head