How to Apply to Tulsa Term

Thank you for your interest in Tulsa Term.

To apply for Tulsa Term, please review the steps and questions below then fill out the required application here.

Please note: Once you begin completing the online application, you will not be able to save and resume later. You will have to complete the application in one session and submit it. We suggest that you draft your responses in a separate document, then copy and paste your final drafts into the application form when you are ready to complete Step 1. For your convenience, the essay questions are listed below. Once all documents for Steps 1 and 2 have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Applications will not be considered until all documents have been received.

How to Apply to Tulsa Term

Step 1:
As an applicant you are responsible for completing basic demographic information, responses to six short answer questions, and one long essay. Scroll down to preview the Tulsa Term Application Questions and prepare your responses. Please note: Once you begin completing the online application, you will not be able to save and resume later. 

Step 2:
After completing and submitting your part of the application, you need the following:

• A parent or legal guardian must complete and submit the Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement form.

• Two teachers must complete and submit the Teacher Recommendation form. You may also ask a community member or mentor to complete an optional third recommendation using the Teacher Recommendation form.

• An academic advisor (school administrator, college or guidance counselor) must complete and submit the Course Approval form. This person must also send a copy of your most current unofficial transcript to info@tulsaterm.org. Holland Hall students, please ask your college counselor to complete this form. TPS students, please ask your principal, assistant principal, college, or guidance counselor to complete this form.

Step 3:
Once all parts of the application have been received, a committee will review each application and select the members of the cohort.

Step 4:
For those accepted into the program, additional items must be received to secure enrollment. This includes a health form, handbook agreement, and commitment agreement.

Tulsa Term Application Questions

Short Answer Questions (respond to each question):
1a. Describe a moment when you felt successful working in a group. What made that experience successful?

1b. Also, describe a moment when you felt unsuccessful in a group. Why did you or the group experience feel unsuccessful?

2a. Choose one of the following questions: What have you taught yourself lately? Or, what is a problem you have solved? Or, what is a challenge you are working on right now?

2b. Next, tell us how you accomplished or are accomplishing the goal you wrote about in Question 2a.

3. What do you wonder about your city? What do you notice about your city?

4a. Describe an academic moment that did not go as you had expected. How did you respond?

4b. Describe a non-academic situation that did not go as you had expected. How did you respond?

5a. Choose 3 of the following nouns that best describe you:
Dreamer  |  Collaborator |  Analyzer |  Idea Generator |  Artist |  Self-Starter |  Contributor |  Adventurer |  Quiet, Reflective Thinker |  Investigator |  Designer |  Action-Oriented Doer |  Accountable Team Member |  Strategist Connector |  Other

5b. For each of the 3 nouns you chose in Question 5a, briefly explain your choice, and include examples.

6. What interests you most about participating in Tulsa Term?

Long Essay (choose one):
1. Are there things you dream about doing, but haven’t yet figured out how to include them in your life? What is one such dream?

2. Describe a time when you had to consider a topic, problem, or challenge from multiple perspectives. What did you learn from this experience?

3. List your most meaningful and important extracurricular activities (e.g. sports activities, participation in the fine arts, community service, religious commitments, jobs, etc.) and explain their significance in your life.

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Timeline for Cohort #3

Applications Open:
October 2019

Applications Close:
February 21, 2020

Acceptance Notification: 
February 28, 2020

Launch Date for Cohort #3:
January 2021