Tulsa Term FAQs

Questions you might ask about Tulsa Term:

Q: When and where does Tulsa Term take place?
A: Tulsa Term is an off-campus program that takes place during the spring semester (January – May). The program will be housed in a location downtown. The inaugural Tulsa Term semester will take place in January of 2019. Applications for the next cohort, Cohort #2, will open October 2018 and acceptances will be announced in January.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A: Students are responsible for transportation to and from the Tulsa Term location. Transportation is provided, as needed, during the school day. Please note that Tulsa Term requires a significant amount of walking.

Q: What would your day look like?
A: Tulsa Term meets five days a week from 8:30 am-2:45 pm at an off-campus location. Students will collaborate with other Tulsa Term students as well as members of the community to address real projects in and around Tulsa. Some days may be spent just in the Tulsa Term location, some may include meetings or visits to different areas in Tulsa. The day may consist of group activities and/or individual work. Students will be released in time to return to their home schools and participate in after-school activities.

Q: How is this different from an internship?
A: Tulsa Term is school. Internships provide short-term experience in a workplace. Tulsa Term is immersive: it seeks to educate the whole person through various venues, topics, tasks, and methods.

Q: What credits do you earn on your transcript?
A: The Tulsa Term academic model satisfies five content areas for Holland Hall and Tulsa Public School students. To see how these course titles and credits apply to your school’s requirements (HH or TPS), please review the Academic Considerations page.
1) English
2) History
3) Science
4) Statistics
5) Capstone (determined by project-based themes)

Click here for academic considerations based on student’s year of participation in Tulsa Term.

Q: What is required to apply?
A: To apply for the Spring 2020 semester, you will need:
1) Consultation with your principal, guidance counselor, or academic dean
Course Approval Form »

2) Two teacher recommendations
Teacher Recommendation Form »

3) Completed online application, which includes essay responses
Tulsa Term Application »

4) Parent/Legal Guardian agreement
Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement Form »

5) Current unofficial transcript

Q: Why do this type of program now, while in high school?
A: “Tulsa Term provides students with an enriching independent learning experience. As they transition from high school to college, students will benefit from a program that serves as the building blocks for self-guided education. It is this sort of autonomous journey that admission offices find appealing in prospective students because it establishes one’s preparation for success in college both in and out of the classroom.” — Heath Einstein, Dean of Admission, Texas Christian University

Q: Who should you contact with questions or more info?
A: Contact Ms. Jane Beckwith at jbeckwith@tulsaterm.org or Ms. Eder J. Williams McKnight at ewilliamsmcknight@tulsaterm.org or email info@tulsaterm.org.

Timeline for Cohort #2

Applications Open:
October 2018

Applications Close:
January 22, 2019

Acceptance Notification: 
February 2019

Launch Date for Cohort #2:
January 2020



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Tulsa Term Sample Project:
What does it mean to redesign public health in Tulsa? In partnership with Oxley College of Health Sciences, students will explore ways to improve public health access by implementing a systems design approach.