Admission FAQs

Q. What is a “shadow” visit? Are there set “shadow”- visit dates throughout the school year? Are they important in the admission process?
When a prospective student “shadows” at Holland Hall, he/she arrives in the morning to meet a student ambassador who leads the visiting student through the school day. For students in 4th–11th Grade, lunch is included in the visit. There are no set dates for “shadow” visits at Holland Hall — students will frequently “shadow” when the school they currently attend is not in session (This occurs more frequently in the fall semester.) The “shadow” visit is tremendously valuable in the admission process, providing the faculty with a chance to meet, observe, and interact with candidates while allowing the visiting student to experience how the school functions.

Q. What is the age cut-off for students starting in the Primary School?
August 31 is the cut-off date for the grades in the Primary School. For example, a candidate for the three-year-old program must turn three before August 31, while a Kindergarten applicant must turn five before August 31.

Q. What does Holland Hall’s entrance exam entail?
The Primary School Admission Committee has compiled a collection of activities testing readiness skills and ability of students in Kindergarten–3rd Grade. The assessment takes forty-five minutes and regularly occurs in the course of a predetermined visiting date. Students in 4th–12th Grade take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).

Q. Is financial aid available for all students demonstrating need?
Holland Hall annually gives more than $3 million of financial aid to students in need. Students in Kindergarten-3rd Grade usually receive no more than 50% of tuition. Students in 4th-12th Grade generally receive larger awards than students in the lower grades.

Q. Does Holland Hall award scholarships for success in athletics or arts?
Holland Hall offers a few merit-based scholarships in the Middle and Upper Schools. Athletics scholarships are not offered.

Q. Is it difficult to live in Midtown Tulsa (or outside of the Tulsa metro area) and arrive at Holland Hall for the beginning of the school day?
Many of our students from Midtown and communities beyond find that the commute is made easier by the fact that the trip to school and back is a “reverse commute” in the morning and the trip down Riverside Drive, Lewis Avenue, or the other major north-south streets is very easy. We also provide bus service from 21st & Utica Monday-Friday at 7:10 am and from school Monday-Thursday at 5:30 pm.

Q. What is the student-faculty ratio at Holland Hall?
In the Prekindergarten, classes regularly have approximate 17 students with a full-time teacher and full-time assistant (7:1). Kindergarten-1st Grade have classes of approximate 20 with a full-time teacher and full-time assistant (9:1). 2nd-3rd Grade have classes of approximate 18 with three full-time teachers and two full-time assistants. The average class size in the Middle School is 18 students, while it is 13 students in the Upper School.

Q. What is the average faculty tenure at Holland Hall?
One of Holland Hall’s strengths is the excellent, knowledgeable faculty whose average tenure in the teaching profession is 15 years.

Tuition and Financial Aid FAQs

Q. What is tuition assistance?
A. Tuition assistance is a grant given to a qualifying family to offset the costs of a Holland Hall education. It is NOT a loan. The grant does not have to be repaid.

Q. What percentage of Holland Hall students receive tuition assistance?
A. 25% of the entire student body receives tuition assistance.

Q. Will applying for tuition assistance affect the admission decision?
A. No. Holland Hall accepts students solely on the basis of academic merit, test scores, teacher recommendations, and personal qualities. Tuition-assistance files are reviewed and awards are given only after a student has been admitted.

Q. When are students eligible for tuition assistance (i.e. at what age)?
A. Tuition assistance is available to Holland Hall students entering Kindergarten-12th Grade. Students in Kindergarten-3rd Grade usually receive no more than 50% of tuition. Students in 4th-12th Grade generally receive larger awards than students in the lower grades.

Q. How is the amount of tuition assistance determined?
A. Tuition assistance is determined by the difference between the tuition charged and the family’s ability to pay. The School and Student Service (SSS) sends Holland Hall a Report of Family Contribution (RFC) which makes a general recommendation about a family’s ability to pay. The RFC report does not bind Holland Hall to a specific award. The Tuition-Assistance Committee reviews the SSS information and applicable tax forms and determines all awards in light of demonstrated need and the limits of the financial-aid budget. All information is highly confidential.

Q. Is tuition assistance automatically renewed? 
A. No. It is necessary to reapply every year, and the awards will change if the family’s financial circumstances change.

Q. I never do my taxes until close to the April 15 deadline. How will this affect my tuition-assistance award?
A. You must complete your taxes early enough to meet the March deadline. If Holland Hall receives the materials after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that any funds will be available.

Q. If we are divorced or separated, do both parents need to complete the tuition-assistance paperwork?
A. Yes. Both parents (and new spouses, if remarried), regardless of whether they have custody, must submit tuition-assistance forms and tax information.

Q. How do I receive more information about the process?
A. Contact Justin Butler, (918) 879-4740.

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Justin Butler
Director of Enrollment Management