4th–8th Grade Application Process

Building confidence. Making strides.

Holland Hall’s 4th-to-8th-Grade Middle School model allows younger minds to turn sooner to rich, deep explorations guided by subject experts. And to immerse in the energy-building, independence-forming bustle of traveling classes and variable course schedules. Students grow from basic reading classes to linguistic and literary studies, as seamlessly as they move between homerooms and science labs, and graduate from open cubbies to traditional lockers. And even as your child becomes a more focused scholar, their social and extracurricular horizons widen to incorporate friends in other grades, a roster of master teachers, and projects that require collaboration across subjects and between classes.

Shadow Visits
While completion of the application process will complete an applicant’s admission file, it is not required for a “shadow visit.” Frequently, the parent/guardian of a student interested in learning more about the Holland Hall program begins the process by calling the Office of Admission to schedule a shadow visit where the student, who is paired with a host in the grade for which he/she is applying, will attend classes, eat a complimentary lunch, and have an interview with a faculty member.

Click here for more information about a shadow visit and the Visitor Emergency Information Form.

The Middle School application process involves the following steps:

  • Come for a tour and discuss your child’s interests, needs, and strengths with a member of our Admission Team
  • Complete the online application
  • Complete the Teacher Recommendation Forms (English and Mathematics Teacher Recommendations are required for students applying for 4th-8th Grade. Extracurricular recommendation forms are required for 4th-12th Grade.)
  • Complete the Parent Waiver form
  • Provide grades from the last two years and any current standardized-test scores
  • Provide a copy of the birth certificate and immunization records
  • Complete the grade-level ISEE entrance exam
  • Complete an interview with a faculty member

After the shadow visit, the completion of the entrance exam, and the collection of the materials listed above, the Office of Admission will contact the parent/guardian regarding the admission decision.