Policies, Plans, & Procedures

Now in its 53rd year, the ISAS Arts Festival is designed to be a celebration of sharing and learning with all work critiqued by professional visual and performing artists. This approach has fostered creativity and experimentation, and has proven to be an exceptional opportunity for schools to come together to understand and to appreciate qualities in one another’s programs and facilities. The Festival has been instrumental in the development of strong arts programs in participating ISAS Member Schools and is richly inspirational to their students. As the Festival has grown, topics of size and sustainability must be addressed.


Schools that have traditionally hosted the Festival have been allowed to bring the full number of students they wish. Next priority will be given to those schools that commit to attend the Festival every year, followed by the schools that participate every other year. At the Fall Planning meeting, the department chairs and coordinators will discuss the apportioning of the remaining student places for non-Host Schools. With the potential of having roughly 50 school participants, a thoughtful discussion of student numbers and allocation will begin at the Directors’ breakout session.

The ratio of 1 supervising adult to 10 students is the Festival request and expectation.

Budget and Fees:

The ISAS 2020 Festival fee is $178, which reflects the usual increase over last year’s fee. Schools will be assessed a “no-show” fee of $10 for each student who misses a scheduled adjudicator review for a Vocal/Instrumental Solo Performance and/or a Portfolio Review for Visual Arts.


The Festival fee includes 6 meals: Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Saturday breakfast and lunch will be served from the Dining Tent.

For those arriving early on Thursday, we are exploring the idea of pre-ordered box lunches. This will be discussed in the Directors’ breakout session during the planning meeting.

Serving hours in the Dining Tent will be as follows: Breakfast 7 – 9 am, Lunch 11:30 am—1:30 pm, Dinner 5:30 – 7:30 pm.


Holland Hall will provide concession areas and local Food Trucks will be available in designated places on campus.

Medical and Safety:

All participants must be accompanied by their official school medical forms, or administrators must have facile electronic access.

Each school is responsible for bringing an equipped First Aid Kit for their students.

Our Health Center will provide referrals for care that is outside our policy and scope. St. Francis Hospital is located 2.4 miles north of Holland Hall at 6161 South Yale Ave., (918) 494-2200. Walgreens Pharmacy is located just west of Holland Hall at 8102 South Yale Ave., (918) 477-7882.

Two First Aid stations will be staffed with EMS and/or athletic trainers.

Please note, as per Holland Hall’s school policies, which are consistent with the State of Oklahoma, we will not dispense any medication, whether it is prescription or over the counter, unless the medical professional on duty deems it medically necessary and an emergency.

Each school will follow their own established protocol for managing medication on a trip. If there is medication that must be dispensed by a medical professional, please email info@ISAS2020.org for further information.

Please do not bring ill students or faculty to the Festival. Students or faculty with fever or flu-like symptoms will be brought to the Health Center for further evaluation and their schools will be notified.

Rules of Conduct:

The Arts Festival is a non-smoking, non-vaping, alcohol and substance free event both in keeping with the Festival’s philosophy for learning and well-being, and to ensure that the health and safety of all participants is given utmost care and supervision.

As required by ISAS, Holland Hall will employ canine detection units throughout the Festival.

Disciplinary matters related to student violations of Festival rules, policies, or expectations will be reported to the student’s school coordinator for appropriate response and action. If Festival Safety/Security finds a participant in violation of a state or federal law, the student’s school coordinator and onsite administrator will be called to handle the matter directly with Safety/Security.

Adequate supervision of students at all times in homerooms is primarily the responsibility of participant schools.

Each participating school is required to be represented throughout the Festival by a senior administrator. Each school must provide Holland Hall with direct contact information for their Head of School and two onsite administrators/ chaperones in advance of the Festival. School chaperones have the responsibility to ensure the safety and manage the behavior of their students.

Technology Policy:

Since all ISAS participating schools have technology policies, individual school chaperones should instruct students in their charge to continue to adhere to their school’s acceptable use policies throughout the duration of the Festival. If there are offending participant schools in any area of responsibility, the Host School should report those to the ISAS Executive Director who will follow-up. As a matter of security and in order to comply with copyright issues, video recording of festival performances for the purposes of commercial gain or public distribution is strictly prohibited. Drones will not be permitted on or above the campus during the Festival. Only the Host School may elect to use drones for its own photographic purposes.

Security and Parking:

This is a closed Festival, meaning only participants, volunteers, guest artists, approved vendors, and Holland Hall faculty may enter campus during Festival hours. It also means that students should come to the Festival prepared to stay for the entire Festival. There will always be some students who must leave early for some good reason approved by their school. We will follow the procedures used in past Festivals. The student and a school chaperone must pick up a pass from the Festival Office and the adult must escort the student to the designated pick-up point on campus.

The Festival Perimeter will be clearly marked on the Guidebook map and by appropriate signage. The Holland Hall campus is very much a part of nature, and the boundary is meant to protect participants from drop-offs and ledges, poison ivy, snakes, coyotes, and other natural co-inhabitants of our campus.

Our visitor management system will be used for all vendors, guest artists and volunteers before entering campus.

Emergency policies will be described at the Planning Meeting and further details will be shared with each participating school. Emergencies include fire, weather, and other situations that present danger to participants.

Guidebook will be used as our resource for schedule, venues, and festival logistics. All participants should be sure the NOTIFICATIONS/ALERTS function for Guidebook is turned on in their phones during Festival hours.

All exits from venues will be clearly indicated by venue monitors at the beginning of each performance.

A list of participants from each school is required before the Festival begins. We may request Festival coordinators to inform the Festival Office of changes in participants each morning, as was the practice from last year.

Traffic and parking plans will be clearly communicated and published on the website. Parking passes for charter buses, vans, sprinters, and cars will be issued in a timely way with directions for onsite or off-site parking and shuttle information.

Local participant schools must arrive by bus.

The phone number for Holland Hall’s Director of Safety/Security will be furnished to all supervising adults.

Holland Hall intends to use paper wristbands for quick visual identification of student participants. Wristbands will be printed by Holland Hall and will include the school name and the name of the individual student. In addition, the wristband will include a QR code specifically assigned to each school that when scanned will provide our Festival emergency contact information and the contact information of the student’s home school. We ask that these remain on the student for the duration of the Festival. Adult chaperones will be issued ID tags with lanyards.


All participants must use Guidebook notifications to receive scheduling changes, other updates, and most importantly, emergency alerts.

Schools are responsible for obtaining performance rights for any work presented at the Festival.

Holland Hall will communicate via email in the months of preparation to share and gather information regarding the many details that are required to make the Festival run smoothly.

All-School Planning Meeting and Calendar:

A representative of each school wishing to participate in the Festival must attend the Planning Meeting in September.

Following the September meeting, changes to the initial plan will be communicated by the end of November.

One Festival T-shirt with the ISAS 2020 logo is provided for each Planning Meeting participant. Information about order

General Facilities:

Homeroom space will be provided for each participating school. The ISAS Festival Manual describes the recent average attendance being 45 schools. Attendance has grown over the past few years, and this year we expect almost 50 schools. Therefore, our homeroom assignments will be carefully considered and perhaps less spacious than in other years. The manual also reminds us that faculty presence in homerooms AT ALL TIMES of the festival is critically important.

A wrap-up meeting will be scheduled for Saturday morning, at which time next year’s host school will be introduced.

Facilities and Venues:

Warm-up rooms will be equipped to the best of our ability to reflect the performance venue.

The venue drawings provide information about equipment in each space. Please make a request for equipment you do not see on the page, using the notes box in the registration form. You may email info@ISAS2020.org with any questions.

Only art by students actually attending the Festival should be displayed. Specific display needs for artwork should be communicated on the registration form.

Improv groups must represent a school-sponsored program that has a faculty sponsor and regular rehearsals. A written list of rules of Improv will be shared prior to final registration.

Rock bands must represent a school-sponsored program that has a faculty sponsor and regular rehearsals.

We plan to invite a number representatives from select colleges, conservatories, and art schools to speak with interested students during the Festival.

Creative Writing and Spoken Word workshops and events are under discussion. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Audience Control:

Venue drawings include audience limits as set by our Fire Marshall. As difficult as it is to turn students away when a venue is at capacity, Door Monitors will be required to do so.

As always, students are asked and encouraged to see the work of their peers from OTHER schools.


We intend to offer a wide variety of workshops in all disciplines. More information on workshops will be communicated through the website during the planning process. Workshops will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We will repeat workshops as we can.


Persons hired to do critiques will be professional artists. Orientation materials for adjudicators will stress the importance of being supportive and constructive in their critiques, emphasizing the development of students and programs.

Critique sheets will be available on the website to be filled out in advance for the adjudicator. Following each performance, critique sheets will taken to the Festival Office to be picked up by a school representative.