Rules & Regulations

Festival Dates, Times, and Fee:

Festival performance dates and times: Thursday April 2 (12:00 pm – 10:00 pm): Friday, April 3 (8:00 am – 10:00 pm); and Saturday, April 4 (8:00 am – 10:00 pm). Festival Fee is $178 per participant.

Festival Campus Rules and Expectations:

Holland Hall is a smoke-free, vaping-free, drug-free campus. Each participating school is responsible for the behavior of its own students. All festival participants, adults, and students, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect well on their school and the ISAS Arts Festival. Festival participants are asked to be supportive, kind and show respect to members of this great event by attending performances, participating in workshops, and supporting schools beyond their own. Participants in violation of both the spirit and letter of festival rules may be asked to leave the event.

Online Registration:

Holland Hall will use an online registration program to provide a standard form for parents to register their child(ren). Additionally, online registration is required for school chaperones (at a ratio of at least one chaperone for every ten students). Each school will have access to all of its registration information.

Visiting School Supervision Support:

Administrative support is invaluable. Each school shall be represented by a senior administrator throughout the festival. The minimum student/chaperone ratio is 10:1 providing student supervision and festival support.

Medical Authorization:

Each school is responsible to have their own documentation authorizing medical intervention for each of their participants in the event of an emergency. Each school is responsible for ensuring that all festival participants have utilized the online registration system which includes important information for our medical staff. The First Aid Center will be located in the bottom floor of the Tandy Building in the Athletic Training Area and we will keep a copy of your medical authorization forms to assist your staff.

First Aid Kits:

Each school is responsible for bringing an equipped first aid kit for its students and must have that kit available in the school’s homeroom.


Please do not bring ill students or faculty to the festival. Students or faculty presenting with fever or flu-like symptoms will be directed to the infirmary. The ill student’s school and parents will be notified that the student must be returned to the hotel and/or picked up by his/her parents.

Festival Meals Provided:

Thursday, April 2—Dinner; Friday, April 3—Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; Saturday, April 4—Breakfast, Box Lunch (to go). Food Trucks will be available throughout the festival including at the bus arrival on April 2.


Holland Hall will provide concession areas and various food trucks will be parked around campus.

Festival Participant Identification:

Holland Hall will provide ID bracelets for all students to wear for the entirety of the festival. The bracelets must be visible to safety personnel and volunteers at all times. Adult sponsors will be provided with ID tags on lanyards with emergency contact information listed on the back.


Keeping our community safe to enjoy the festival is our highest priority. In keeping with ISAS Guidelines, Drug Detection Dogs will be on campus during the festival. Campus Safety will be provided during the entire festival. Safety Officers will monitor anyone arriving or leaving the festival and will have a visible presence on the grounds of the festival. We ask that all students and chaperones remain for the entirety of the festival. Students who have extenuating circumstances requiring them to leave early must receive permission from their faculty sponsors and must be escorted by the faculty sponsor to the Festival Office to receive an Exit Pass. These Exit Passes will not be issued directly to students. The safety officers will allow those with Exit Passes to be picked-up by authorized adults. Friends or family members of participants are not allowed on campus (other than to drive in to pick up those students with Exit Passes). Drones will not be permitted on or about the campus during the festival.

Buses, Traffic, and Parking:

Holland Hall asks that all schools transport their students and chaperones to the campus by buses and vans. Instructions detailing arrival and drop-off will be sent prior to the festival. Buses will not be allowed to remain on campus during the day. Each school will be given a very limited number of parking passes for faculty/administrators and/or equipment vehicles. Schools should plan on economizing the number of vehicles for parking on campus.

Homeroom Monitors:

Each school attending the festival will be assigned a homeroom location for storing items and for gathering their students. Holland Hall will monitor the outer areas and venues but will not monitor the individual homerooms. School chaperones are responsible to ensure the safety and behavior of the students and the security of the homerooms. We ask that everyone be mindful of the noise level in the homeroom areas and be advised that instrumental rehearsal or impromptu bands are not allowed in the homerooms. Schools are responsible for homeroom clean-up at the end of the festival.

Video Recordings:

As a matter of security, and in order to comply with copyright issues, video recording of festival performances or activities is strictly prohibited.

Instrumental and Vocal Solos & Ensembles:

Space and time limitations currently allow us to guarantee only 30 minutes for each school for vocal, piano, percussion, brass, woodwind and string solos & ensembles. After final registration in January, we will assess the waiting lists to assign additional recital spots. Schools with students who are no-shows at the festival will be assessed a $10 per student fee.

Digital Cinema Guidelines:

Each school’s Digital Cinema Coordinator will submit their school’s cinema showcase entry into the Festival Office upon arrival. To ensure the content of entries remains appropriate and sensitive to a broad range of audiences, each school’s Digital Cinema coordinator will be held responsible for vetting students’ entries. Offensive language, violence, sexual innuendos and/or ethnic or gender slurs will result in immediate cessation of a presentation. Each Digital Cinema Coordinator will bring his/her school’s video presentation as a QuickTime file (1920 x 1080.mov H264), delivered via USB 3.0 single thumb drive or single external hard drive. A backup file should be sent electronically via Google Drive or Dropbox. Please note that a Digital Cinema slot of one hour means a 45-minute presentation in order to allow for crossover time between showcase.

Visual Art Guidelines:

Hanging of art must be completed on Thursday by 3:00 pm to allow sufficient time for critiques. Art removal may begin Saturday at 10:30 am. Art critiques will be scheduled in one-hour time blocks. As with past festivals, only art created by festival attendees will be displayed. Please indicate in advance any special needs for extra large works or extraordinary media. Each school’s visual arts coordinator(s) will be responsible for vetting student artwork. Visual art that is considered insensitive to the broad range of ages and cultural backgrounds of the exhibit audience will be removed from the art exhibit.

Showcase Guidelines:

Each school is allowed one hour of showcase time for either a musical, show choir or dance performance. A waiting list will be established for those schools requesting an additional time slot in the showcase venue. Schools are responsible for obtaining permission from playwrights, composers or their agent (e.g. a publisher), in advance, for material to be performed at the festival. Any contract or licensing agreement a/o royalty fee(s) for material performed at the festival is the explicit and sole responsibility of the performing school.

Improvisation Guidelines:

School theater and/or improvisation groups may present work that has been supervised throughout the year by a teacher or theater artist. Sexual innuendo, offensive language, and racial, ethnic, religious or gender slurs will not be tolerated. This rule will be strictly enforced, inappropriate performances will be immediately halted.


Holland Hall will offer performance opportunities focusing on acoustic, non-amplified presentation.

Jazz and Rock Band:

We ask that only school sponsored and performance groups participate in this venue activity. Please do not allow a group of your students who play out of school to participate in the event. Adjudication will be provided for Jazz Band and offered as an option for Rock Band.

Performance Schedule:

Out of respect for the artists, please strictly adhere to the performance schedule. Performances must begin at the stated time. The last fifteen minutes of each time slot will be devoted to strike, upload, and audience transition. Performances that run over will be halted.


Workshops will be offered in many of the disciplines featured at the festival. Some workshops will be offered more than once to allow as many students as possible to attend. Certain workshops may require advance registration.