At home on the stage.

The Theatre program at Holland Hall is collaborative in form and multifaceted by nature, utilizing and developing the individual’s senses to promote self-awareness and self-confidence through tolerance, teamwork, and empathy.

Primary School

At Holland Hall, exposure to theatre and imaginative play begins at an early age. From pre-school to 3rd Grade, teachers incorporate dramatic play and storytelling into their curriculum through puppetry, role-playing, story re-enactments, pretend centers and classroom productions.

Middle School

In Middle School, the theatre arts curriculum lays foundational work in theatre production, etiquette, acting and improvisation skills as well as exposing students to arts management and design disciplines. Students have the opportunity to participate in a theatre production each year of Middle School, either onstage as a performer or offstage as crew.

  • Play or musical productions each year
  • Offstage crewing/technical opportunities

Upper School

Students in the upper school have many opportunities to expand their interest and curiosity in theatre. Whether it’s following a path to become a performer, or wanting to gain more confidence and awareness in themselves or others, through acting techniques, exploration of movement and voice, and the appreciation of all elements of theatre, the Upper School Theatre Arts curriculum will help foster the self expression of both the individual child and ensemble.

Students can experience this art form in the Upper School through:

  • Four Levels of Acting class
  • Independent studies in technical theatre and acting
  • Two productions a year, including musicals
  • Offstage crewing/technical opportunities
  • Showcase performances at Theatre Night
  • Showcase performances (monologues, scenes, and One-Acts) at ISAS
  • Experiential learning/performing in off-campus opportunities
  • Improv Club
  • Company 21 Volunteer



Upper School Fall Play
“Peter and the Starcatcher” 
Walter Arts Center, Newman Theatre
October 24, 25, 26 at 7pm

Based on the popular children’s novel of the same name, Peter and the Starcatcher provides a humorous and fantastical backstory for the beloved character of Peter Pan and his arch-nemesis Captain Hook. In this wickedly imaginative play, we meet a poor orphaned child on the high seas simply called Boy because, in the absence of a mother and a father, he was never given a name. His sad and lonely world is turned upside down when he meets Molly. The daughter of famous Starcatcher Lord Astor, our heroine is on a mission to save the world and protect a treasure trunk filled with magical star stuff from getting into the hands of evil and greedy pirate Black Stache. As they travel aboard the Neverland ship headed for a faraway land, Molly and Boy learn about love, friendship and forge an unbreakable bond.



Middle School Winter Performance
“The Audition” & “The Rehearsal” by Don Zolidis
Walter Arts Center, Branch Theatre
January 17 and 18 at 7pm