Eight Acres Yearbook

Dutch Yearbook and Eight Acres: a class, an opportunity, and a publication.

The Eight Acres Yearbook, named in reference to the size of the campus on Birmingham Place that Holland Hall called home from 1938–1970, celebrates its 80th volume in 2019-2020. Each volume includes the annual story of all Holland Hall students and faculty PreK through grade 12 along with school events, trips, athletics, arts, and more! Eight Acres features school photos from each class and represents the entirety of the Holland Hall community, preserving the story of each Holland Hall generation.

Eight Acres is a student publication designed, written, and published by the Dutch Yearbook class. Students in Dutch Yearbook select the theme, design the layout, take photos, write stories, and handle every facet of creating each over-300-page volume. The 2019-2020 class working to build volume 80 consists of 21 students, who work in teams under the guidance of Ms. Shirley Sokolosky.

Yearbooks are only available for purchase from Jostens.com. They are on sale for $90 from October 1, 2019, through February 28, 2020.

Information for Parents of Seniors

Yearbook Senior Portrait

All seniors are required to have a yearbook portrait taken by Ervin Photography. This portrait will be used for their senior dedication, and needs to be taken by October 1, 2019. Please contact Ervin Photography at (918) 209-5050 to make your appointment immediately if you have not already done so.

Senior Ads

Families of graduating seniors are invited to place an optional ad in the yearbook. Prices are:

  • Full Page – $500
  • Half Page – $350
  • Quarter Page – $125

All ad buyers are required to return the digital contract by October 1, 2019. If the contact is not submitted by the deadline, space for the ad is not guaranteed.

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How to Design Your Senior Ad

Design Method 1: Prepared by you or your graphic artist.
Some buyers choose to produce ads for themselves or hire a graphic artist to do so. Final “print-ready” artwork is due to obutkin20@hollandhall.org no later than January 17, 2020.

Size and file specifications:

  • Photos used need to be at least 6 MB in file size
  • Ad needs to be a JPG file
  • Full page: 68 picas x 51 picas
  • Half page: 34 picas by 51 picas
  • Quarter: 34 picas by 25.5 picas

Design Method 2: Prepared by Dutch Yearbook designers.
Some buyers choose to have yearbook staff design and lay out their ad. All content for your ad (photos, verbiage, etc.) is due to obutkin20@hollandhall.org by November 15, 2019. Failure to meet deadline with result in a color block ad with a congratulations message to the senior from the ad buyer.

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Q: When is the deadline to buy a yearbook?
A: The deadline to buy a yearbook is February 28, 2020. Yearbooks will be for sale beginning October 1, 2019.

Q: What do I do if I miss the deadline?
A: The only way to ensure you have a book is to order online by the deadline.

Q: Where do I buy my yearbook?
A: Yearbooks can only be purchased online at Jostens.com.

Q: How much do yearbooks cost?
A: $90 each. Jostens accepts credit cards and PayPal. Jostens also offers a three-month plan using your credit card, with no interest or fees. Jostens does not accept cash, check or money order. Please do not send cash, check or money order to Holland Hall.

Q: Can I personalize my yearbook?/
A: Personalizations are available for $10 each and icons are $5 each. You can personalize your yearbook while placing your order on Jostens.com. Personalized orders must be placed by February 23, 2020.

Q: When will my yearbook arrive?
A: Your yearbook will be distributed before school is out in May 2019.