Eight Acres Yearbook

A little book history
After its founding in September, 1922, Holland Hall was located in downtown Tulsa. From 1938 to 1970, Holland Hall occupied eight acres on Birmingham Place. This parcel of land inspired a name for the yearbook — Eight Acres — first produced in 1942.

In 2020, we have 162 acres, on 81st Street, between Sheridan Road to the east and Yale Avenue to the west. The yearbook is still called Eight Acres, a reminder that some things are worth preserving while innovating and creating at a level not required of this generation until now.

With the challenges of global health, social justice and equality and climate change, and many others, students face a fast-changing world. For journalism students, it’s a chance to practice their craft in real time. Volume 81, to be produced between August, 2020, and March, 2021, poses extraordinary questions and opportunities which will likely alter processes and production for years to come.

About students, for students, by students
Yearbooks properly made are extraordinary learning experiences that alter the lives of the student leaders and staff who produce them, while providing a historical reference and a unique book that serves as both a souvenir of school life and personal memories for their school communities.

Essential skills are learned by experience as journalism basics come to life. They include, but are not limited to, collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility and adaptability, global and cultural awareness, information and media literacy, leadership, communication skills, technology, law, ethics.

As students make the book, the book is making them.

2020-2021 Yearbook Leadership

Editor in ChiefEmma Gardenhire ‘22
Editor in ChiefAbby Johnson ‘22
Editor in ChiefAnnabelle White ‘22
Copy/Senior EditorAshlyn Buchanan ‘21
Copy EditorHannah Ha ‘22
People Pages EditorTaylor Zahn ‘22
Social Media EditorTierney Shaw ‘22
Team LeaderOlivia Abdalla ‘23
Team LeaderBlythe Baker ‘23
Team LeaderAmelia Clark ‘23
Team LeaderKylie Hoffman ‘23
Team LeaderKate Hook ‘23
Team LeaderAnna Silvestri ‘23
Team LeaderHarley Smith ‘23
Marketing/Ad ManagerEmma Gardenhire ‘22
Photo/Video ProductionAbby Johnson ‘22
Staff ActivitiesAnnabelle White ‘22

Important Dates

September 14
PS/MS/US Picture Day

September 15
US Picture Day

October 1 – February 28
Online Yearbook Sales

October 1
Senior Yearbook Picture Taken

October 12
Picture Retake Day

November 1
Senior Ad Contract Due

November 20
Yearbook-designed ad info due

January 15
Print-ready ad due