April 18 – 24 (All School)

Posted on: Apr 17, 2020

A teammate comes in many forms. It can be a parent, spouse, teacher, colleague, peer, sibling, elected official, healthcare worker, coach, anyone. Everyone has a strength and you never know when you will need theirs. Take the time to discover it in everyone you know. — Christy Utter, ’91, field hockey coach and director of alumni relations.

Now for some announcements …

From the Upper School …

The last day of school for seniors will be on Friday, May 1, unless a senior is enrolled in AP classes.  Seniors enrolled in AP classes are expected to attend class until the AP exam (this is the same policy we had during senior internships).

On Friday, May 1, we will have College T-shirt day for seniors.  This will involve a drive-through event on campus for seniors and their families, with individual photos of seniors in their college Tshirts and other goodies!  Stay tuned for more details!

On Tuesday, April 21, US students will not have tasks in their academic classes.  Instead, the seniors will be meeting with board members for their exit interviews.  All students will have advisory group meetings on that day.  Extracurricular groups and clubs have been invited to have meetings that day, as well.

If your US student has too much free time on his/her hands, please encourage your child to sign up to volunteer in a Primary School virtual classroom.  The sign up sheet is on the Power School Learning page called “The Commons.”  Students must sign up by Wednesday, April 22.

The US faculty is reporting a broad range of experiences in synchronous learning classes.  Some groups of students are showing up to class consistently, while others are not.  Please remind your child that we expect students to show up for their synchronous learning classes on Google Hangout Meets, unless they have a conflict and have communicated with their teacher about that conflict.  We are stopping short of making these classes mandatory because we understand the vast range of experiences folks are having during this time of remote learning.  That said, teachers are putting together lessons and experiences for these synchronous learning days that they want their students to have in order to better master the content of their classes.

From the Middle School …

Executive Council elections for next year begin soon, and it’s time for incoming 7th and 8th grade students to think about running for a leadership position. Have your students check their emails for more information.

Course selections for current 5th-8th grade students are due today, Friday, April 17.

From the Primary School …

New Episode of Digging Books!
Check out the latest episode of this series intended for our Primary School students! Check out the entire series, by clicking the link below:

Digging Books: Safe at Home Edition 1 »


Great Family Conversation Starters – (Part XIII)
What is the best moment you’ve had since school dismissed before Spring Break?

What is the one thing you miss the most about going to school?

School Yearbook

The 2019-2020 Holland Hall School yearbook is in the final stages of printing. Jostens is printing extra copies that are available for purchase. Our yearbook staff is planning a supplement for eight through 12th grade students.

If you’ve already purchased a book, thank you. We will communicate information about when and how books will be distributed as soon as we finalize the plans.

Copies are limited and may be ordered online at www.jostensyearbooks.com.


Senior Portfolio Exhibit

Please take the time to enjoy this new virtual art show for our graduating seniors. Most of them have worked hard for four years to develop as visual artists, and this is their final performance.

The Arts Department put together the exhibit, which features images of the seniors’ work. Click on the link below to view the full show or on the individual.

Senior Portfolio Exhibit »

2D Visual Arts
Julian Abhari »
Elle Arens »
Rachel Atwood »
Lilah Brauninger »
Elise Goldberg »
Alex Nunneley »

Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery
Erika Asbjornson »
Caroline Lawson »
Stephanie Maldonado »
Elle Mullendore »

Photography / New and Mixed Media Art
Grayson Migliore »
Mac Sanders »
Emi Self »
Tyia Treleaven »


The 2020 Holland Haul

Formerly known as the Online Auction, items such as Upper School reserved student-parking spots, naming the Middle School Drive, and reserved commencement seats are available for a “buy-it-now” price by clicking on the link below.  Sales close on May 15. This is the last big fundraiser of the year, so if you’re thinking about ways to help the school, please take a look and see if there is something your family would enjoy.

Holland Haul Online Auction »

A good resources for parents

Gina Johnson has compiled some Tips for Parents and wanted to share this article. We know that parenting during remote learning presents unique challenges and our hope is that we can provide some information to you that will prove to be helpful.

Kudos  …

Upper School teacher Neil Bergenroth was a presenter at the Computer Simulation and Gaming Conference on Friday. Watch him present here!
Congratulate Senior Brock Davis on making the Oklahoma Basketball Coaches Association’s District 7 All Star Team!

Support our HH community …

As you go about making sense of your temporary “new normal,” think about some of those families in our HH community with small businesses. Getting take-out? How about supporting a restaurant with a community tie? Need a new doctor or your doctor isn’t taking appointments? We have some wonderful physicians in our community. Visit this link to find some businesses who would love your support right now, and if you own a business, let us know about it!

Have news to share?   …

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