April 21 – 27 (Upper School)

Posted on: Apr 20, 2018

Roller Skating Social Cancelled

The Upper School Events Committee originally scheduled a skating social for April 28. Due to the number of activities going on this time of year, the committee anticipated a very low turn out, and has decided to cancel the event.

Vaping Announcement

On Wednesday of this week, I, Frances Fondren-Bales, made an announcement to the Upper School community about vaping. In the course of this announcement, I explained that the Upper School administrative team is getting increasingly concerned about students vaping. We are worried both about the number of students who are vaping and the frequency of their vaping. I reminded students of several facts:

  • It is illegal for students under the age of 18 to purchase vaping materials
  • It is against the rules to vape on campus
  • It is against the rules to bring a vape (pen, juul, etc.) to campus

I reminded students that if they are worried about a friend who might have a problem with vaping, they may come enlist the help of the counseling staff or administration, and there will be no discipline involved in our response. If students who are caught in possession of a vape pen on campus, they will be sent to the honor council, as will students who are caught actively vaping.

We are worried about this issue at our school and will be taking steps to increase conversation and education surrounding vaping. If you would like to learn more, we would like to suggest this recent article in the New York Times as a good place to start learning about the increase in vaping among high school students nationally

NYT – I Can’t Stop: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion »

Senior Skip Day

One school day in April or May will be a surprise skip day for seniors. They will be bused off campus to a surprise location for a day of fun together. We have asked all seniors to keep a change of clothes (comfortable gym clothes and sneakers) in their locker or car for the month of April. Please be in touch with Frances Fondren-Bales if you have questions.

Change of Date

We have rescheduled the powderpuff football game (that was canceled due to inclement weather during Dutch Weekend) for 6 pm on Thursday, April 26. We expect the game will take place from about 6 pm – 7 pm. All are welcome to come watch the juniors and seniors face off in this game!

After the game, we invite the seniors to stick around for some refreshments and to watch the sunset together. The Senior Sunset was originally scheduled for Thursday May 3. However, several athletic teams will likely be out of town for competitions that day. Therefore, in order for the maximum number of seniors to be able to attend, we are combining this event with powderpuff.

Additional Senior Activities

Wednesday, May 2

Junior/Senior Breakfast (will receive their senior class t-shirt) in the Middle School Refectory at 8 am.

Thursday, May 3
Upper School Awards Assembly in the Branch Theater at 2:30 pm

Friday, May 4
College T-shirt Day: Mrs. Sokolosky will take a photo of the senior class in their college t-shirts.

2017-2018 Senior Exam Schedule

Monday, May 7
9 am – Social Studies
1 pm – Science

Tuesday, May 8
9 am – Religion/Comp
1 pm – Math

Wednesday, May
9 am – English
1 pm – World Language

2nd Semester Exam Schedule (Grades 9, 10, 11)

Monday, May 14
7:45 am – Breakfast in US Commons
9am – Math
1 pm – Review

Tuesday, May 15
9 am – Science
1pm – Computer

Wednesday, May 16
9 am – Social Studies
1 pm – Religion

Thursday, May 17
9 am – World Language
1 pm – Review/Conflict Exams

Friday, May 18
9 am – English
1 pm – Make–Up Exams

Please Note:

  • Dress regulations are in effect during the entire examination period. When students are on campus, they must be in uniform.
  • Due to possible testing at the north and south end of the library, Students will have limited access to the library for exam studying.
  • Students need to be in attendance only for their scheduled exams and during the announcements prior to each exam.
  • Announcements will begin 15 minutes before the scheduled exam time.
  • The Upper School Refectory will be closed during final exams. Lunch may be purchased each day in the Middle School Refectory with a debit card. Students have the school’s permission to leave campus for lunch. Parents are encouraged to discuss lunch.
  • Beginning at 7:45 am on Monday, May 14, a hot breakfast will be served in the Upper School Commons.
  • Students who have conflicts with the exam schedule below should contact their teachers as soon as possible.