March 6 – 12 (All School)

Posted on: Mar 05, 2021

In this issue of Dutch Weekly, you will find information on:

  1. All-School news
  2. Upper School News
  3. Middle School News
  4. Primary School News
  5. Campus health



The school will stop taking temperatures as students come into campus buildings beginning Monday, March 8

The thermal imaging scanners were installed last summer based on the best advice we had at the time. But current research is clear — this mitigation strategy is not effective in identifying potential cases of COVID. Our internal data mirrors this conclusion — over six months we have only detected one true temperature elevation, and it was due to a side effect from a flu shot.

You will find a list of articles below that we uncovered in our research and from Dr. Anuj Malik, an infectious disease doctor who has served on our medical advisory board since the beginning.

Because of the change, we will go back to some normal traffic patterns starting Monday. See the brach-specific traffic patterns in the branch sections below.


Get involved in the Parents’ Association!

Changes to the PA Bylaws governing the nominations process were approved on March 2. We invite you to nominate yourself or others for 2021-2022 PA leadership positions and/or express your interest in serving the Parents’ Association in another capacity.

Click here for descriptions of all PA volunteer leadership positions.

Click here to access the nominations form. Nominations will be accepted through March 15.


Important dates

March 12: No classes for parent-teacher conferences
March 15-19: Spring break
March 22-25: Virtual days for 4th-12th grades. In-person class for Primary School
March 26 (Friday): Everyone back on campus
April 2: Good Friday (no classes)
April 23: Virtual day for 4th-12th grades: half-day in-person for Primary School
April 26: Virtual day for 4th-12th grades; normal day in Primary School
May 14: Last day for Early PreK – 5th grade
May 14: Last day for seniors
May 21: Last day for grades 6th – 11th grades
June 1: First day for summer programs. (Be watching for the course catalog before spring break. Registration opens April 1.)

Note: Dates for 8th grade promotion, 3rd grade bridge ceremony and other key events — as well as 6th-8th grade schedules for the last days of school — will be announced soon


Holland Haul Online Auction

The HOLLAND HAUL online auction is gearing up for mid-April — in an enhanced format this year. Help us raise funds for our students and teachers by donating an item or service from your business. We’d love to include it in our fantastic auction offerings! Please contact mrogers@hollandhall.org to participate.

Thank you so much for supporting Holland Hall and making this such a special community!


The app — new and improved

Parents, we are revamping the Holland Hall app, and we started with the directory. If you’ve uninstalled the app, it’s time to go to the App Store and add it back.

When you click directory in the app, you will see a login screen. Click forgot password and enter your email for an auto-generated password. You should only have to log in once or twice a year.

Once you’re logged in, if you see that your information is incorrect — or isn’t there at all — make sure you’ve updated your information in the Parent Portal, go.hollandhall.org/parentportal, and click the Family tab.

The directory will be updated often, but if you make a change to your information, you may not see it immediately.

COMING SOON: An anonymous tip line for safety concerns. Stay tuned.



Upper School traffic patterns

Upper School students can use any door, but must still activate their IDs by Ms. O’Neil’s office and then check in with the faculty members in their corners of the Commons before heading to advisory.


Mid-term grades and comments

As we did in the fall semester, we are sending out mid-term comments only to a limited number of students. This semester, teachers have written comments for any students with an average below 70%. Those comments were mailed on Thursday, March 4. Because we are not sending comments to all students and including a mid-term average, please be sure to check PSL with your students over the course of the next week to get a snapshot of how they are doing in their classes. Given the fact that the mid-term average is a progress report that changes every day, as new grades are added, we find this PSL check to be a more accurate way of communicating student grades. This will also be helpful as we round the corner to family conferences next week. You should hear from your child’s advisor about how to sign up for a virtual conference.


Dutch Weekend

The Events Committee of Student Council has set the date for Dutch Weekend. As a reminder, Dutch Weekend will only be for seniors and their dates, and it will take place on Saturday, May 22, on campus.

The time will be announced closer to the date! We are excited to have this special dance for the senior class, and we hope they will attend. Because Dutch Weekend is a weekend of events, we plan to have some special activities for the 9th-11th grades the day before (May 21), on their last day of classes.

Upper School Play — ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Join the Holland Hall Upper School Theatre for another evening under the stars as they present the spring performance of “Alice in Wonderland,” adapted by Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus.

Based on the beloved classics by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” is a journey into a world of complete illusion. When Alice steps into Wonderland, she is immersed into a fantastical, wacky world full of chaos and nonsense. Filled with zany characters, music and active staging, “Alice in Wonderland” is the perfect play for young and old audiences alike. You don’t want to miss it.

Dates: March 10-12
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Where: Upper School outdoor Amphitheater
Admission: Free

*Masks and social distancing guidelines will be in place, bring a blanket*


Upper School Parent Coffee

Join us for the Upper School parents community coffee, please keep social distancing guidelines in place while enjoying a hot cup of coffee on March 26!




Middle School traffic patterns

Middle School families can return to last year’s drop-off locations. See map below or on the website.

4th grade: Students should be dropped off in the same place they are picked up — on the drive parallel to 81st Street, north of the Middle School.
5th grade: Students should be dropped off at their sign, halfway up the Lollipop Drive.
6th grade: No change
7th and 8th grades: Drop-off is on the west side of the building by the main office. Students will scan their IDs after walking in that door. (The scanner should be working by the end of next week.)


MS Day of Service

The challenges that the 20-21 school year have presented require the Middle School service day to be a unique one! On April 1, students will be helping the community around them from their own classrooms. We will be planning COVID-friendly activities so that everyone is able to participate in a safe and enjoyable service day.

Students will be participating in activities such as making crafts, writing cards, organizing cans, researching charities, and so much more to not only help the Holland Hall community- but all of the community around us.


Friendly MS Reminders

  • Student cell phones should be off and in lockers. If parents need to deliver a message, they should call the MS office.
  • Dutch Day should be non athletic bottoms and no ripped jeans are allowed.
  • Lunch should be brought from home in the morning or purchased from Flik, no deliveries please.



Primary School traffic patterns

JK: Students can once again be dropped off in the EPK/Aftercare circle.
Pre-K: Enter through their classroom doors.

All other traffic patterns will remain the same, and students will continue to enter through the main door.


Parent Conferences

Conferences are next week, March 11 and 12. If you have not already done so, please visit your child’s classroom PSL page or reach out directly to your child’s teacher to sign up for a conference.



A gentle reminder that parents are still not allowed in the building. We appreciate your assistance as we work to keep the primary school students safe.


Home COVID testing

From our nurses:
We accept PCR and antigen (rapid) tests that have been collected at a health-care facility.  At this time we do not accept any at home COVID tests, but will revisit our policy as research indicates.

If you have health questions

Although the nursing staff is glad to answer your COVID-related questions, your doctor should always be your first call. And the staff has put together this Q-and-A for more guidance.

Q. What qualifies as direct exposure/close contact?

A.  “You are a close contact if you are within six feet of an infected person (a diagnosed COVID case) for a cumulative total of 15 minutes within a 24-hour period, starting from two days before illness onset or two days prior to a positive COVID test.”  — Oklahoma State Department of Health

Direct exposure is not …

    … being around someone who has had direct exposure to a known positive COVID case. (That is a secondary exposure and no action is required)

    … being around someone who is ill unless and until they receive a positive COVID test. (They might have the flu or a different illness as opposed to COVID)

If you have had direct exposure to a known positive COVID case: 

    • First — Call your primary care physician for guidance.

    • If your primary care physician is unavailable, please follow these guidelines.

      • Immediately separate yourself from the known positive COVID individual.
      • If they are a member of your household, they must be isolated in a separate bedroom and use a separate bathroom from the rest of the household. You should not have any contact with the individual for 10 days.
      • Remain separated from the known COVID individual and obtain a COVID test five days (or more) after your last contact with the individual.
      • If your test result is negative, you may resume your normal activities, however, you must remain separated from the COVID positive individual for 10 days after their diagnosis.
      • If your test result is positive, you will need to quarantine for 10 days from the date of your positive test or the development of COVID symptoms.
      • If you are unable to separate from the COVID positive individual in your household, you must quarantine for 15 days and then obtain a COVID test.

Travel and Spring Break

“If you plan to travel internationally, get tested before you travel by air into the United States, or be prepared to show proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel.

On January 12, 2021, CDC issued an order requiring all air passengers arriving to the U.S. from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. This order will go into effect on January 26, 2021.”

Here is the link to the CDC travel order:


“CDC officials announced new guidance for testing before and after traveling: Someone planning a trip should get a test one to three days in advance and then be tested again three to five days after returning. The agency reiterated its recommendation against travel this holiday season amid a massive spike in coronavirus infections nationwide that is filling hospitals with COVID-19 patients.”

Here is the link to the CDC travel recommendations:


Here is the link to the Washington Post article referenced above:



Transparency and COVID-19

Holland Hall is committed to transparency. This spreadsheet on the school’s website is updated daily with any positive cases on campus. The numbers — if there are any — are reported by branch (Upper School/WAC; Middle School/Tandy; Primary School). Nurse Linda Christensen is responsible for contact tracing this year and informs anyone with direct exposure personally.