May 11 – 17 (Upper School)

Posted on: May 10, 2019

Final Exam Guidelines

  • Attendance: Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled exams for announcements and only need to be in attendance during their scheduled exams (and announcements).
  • Exam Conflicts: Students with exam schedule conflicts should contact their teachers as soon as possible.
  • Breakfast: At 7:45 am on Monday, May 13, a hot breakfast will be served in the Tandy Dining Hall.
  • Lunch: The Tandy will be open during final exams.
  • Dress Code: When students are on campus, they must be in dress code during the entire examination period.
  • Library: Students will have limited access to the library during exams due to possible testing in the library.


AP Exams

Tuesday, May 14
8 am – Calculus AB, Calculus BC

Wednesday, May 15
8 am – English Language & Composition

Thursday, May 16
Noon – Statistics

Friday, May 17
Noon – Latin, Computer Science A


9th – 11th Grade Final Exam Schedule

Monday, May 13
7:45 am – Breakfast in US Commons
9 am – Science Exam
1 pm – Math Review

Tuesday, May 14
9am – Math Exam
1 pm – World Languages Review

Wednesday, May 15
9 am – Productive Work Time
1 pm – English Exam

Thursday, May 16
9 am – Social Studies Exam
1 pm – Computer Exam, Science Review

Friday, May 17
9 am – World Languages Exam
1 pm – Makeup Exams


MBS Virtual Bookstore

In order to buy or sell textbooks, you should visit the MBS Virtual Bookstore by clicking on the link below.

MBS Virtual Bookstore »

The Summer Reading List for English department classes are now up on the Holland Hall website. Click on the link below to view.

Summer Reading List »

Upcoming MBS Bookstore Dates

  • May 13: Required summer reading materials become available.
  • May 18-June 14: Book buyback period. You can sell your books back at any time, but this time period yields the best prices.
  • July 10: Textbooks for the 2019-2020 school year become available.
  • July 10-23: Free shipping period.

Locker Clean Out

Please have all lockers cleaned out by the end of the day, Thursday, May 16.


Commencement Tickets

Parents or guardians may sign for and pick up tickets from Nancy O’Neil in the Upper School reception area. The tickets will be sorted by families and placed in envelopes with their names on it. The ONLY way we can give the ticket to someone other than the parent or guardian (such as the student, extended family member, former spouse, etc.) is for the parent or guardian to provide a note of permission (either in paper form or by email). If you do not need all your tickets, please return them to Nancy O’Neil as soon as possible. She will notify the Senior Parent in charge of ticket distribution, Jackie Howard, about the availability of extra tickets. If you need extra tickets, please contact Jackie by email at jmayhoward@aol.com. A limited number of extra tickets will be distributed based on availability. However, this will not occur more than 2 weeks prior to Commencement.