November 21 – 27 (All School)

Posted on: Nov 21, 2020

In this issue of Dutch Weekly, you will find information on:

  1. Athletics  
  2. Arts — ARTworks
  3. Upper School News
  4. Middle School News
  5. Primary School News
  6. All-School news — including Parents’ Association Book Club, At-Home learning protocols, and more
  7. Campus health
  8. MISC.



Football Playoffs

Tickets for TONIGHTS’s playoff game against Checotah will be $7 for adults and students. This is an OSSAA event so Dutch athletic passes are not accepted.

You can catch the game on the live stream by clicking on the link below:


Kickoff is at 7 p.m.




Time is running out for ARTworks

The ARTworks Exhibit from Eric Tippeconnic will only be on display in the Holliman Gallery until Nov. 30th. We will continue to sell pieces and will be accepting commissions on any current work in the gallery until that date.

Please reach out to mrogers@hollandhall.org for any ARTworks related questions.



A message from Ms. Fondren Bales

Chick here to view the video of the Parent Council Meeting from Thursday, November 19 at 12 p.m., Featuring Brent Casey explaining standardized testing.

Click here if you would like to review Mr. Casey’s slides from the presentation.

Ms. Fondren-Bales started the Upper School Parents meeting with the following information:

Covid cases in the Upper School:
This is, obviously, top of mind in the Upper School right now. To share some facts, as of Thursday at the time of the meeting, we had:

  • 5 Covid cases
  • 25 US people quarantined
  • 78 students on the Virtual Learning list

Our contact tracing continues to show that most exposures are happening outside of the classroom. If a family wishes for a student to join the virtual learning list due to Covid, parents should contact Ms. Fondren-Bales directly. We ask for 24 hours notice so that teachers can be aware. Generally, we ask for a 2-week commitment if folks are opting into virtual learning. During the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas (which is 3 weeks), we are asking for a commitment throughout if a students is virtual.

To be clear, if a student starts out in person, he/she may switch to virtual at any point. We simply ask that those who are virtual remain virtual. This is really helpful to our teachers, as it minimizes changes to their in-person and at-home lists, while allowing families to opt into virtual if/when they have a need to, due to Covid.

Two rumors have been brought to my attention that I would like to address:

  • “Kids are coming to school knowing that they have Covid.” –> To our knowledge, no one has done this.
  • “Teachers don’t like it when kids go virtual.” –> Not true. Everyone respects that there are circumstances beyond our control and often beyond our knowledge that may contribute to the choice to go virtual. Our faculty members want to support all of their learners.

We have started educating students about expectations for virtual learners — information is posted in the Commons on PSL and has been reviewed in morning meeting.

We have a lot we are looking forward to in the Upper School, including:

  • A masked Karaoke competition in Morning Meeting on Friday
  • Football playoffs on Friday
  • Decorating the Commons for the holidays right after Thanksgiving with a class competition
  • Open Mic on the half day on December 18 (we might have to have it outside, so we’ll all bundle up!)


No Final Exams in the Upper School

The Department Chairs and Ms. Fondren-Bales have decided not to have final exams in the Upper School this year. Rather, we will be having normal classes with a normal schedule during the final week of school. This decision was made because we think that the continuing in our curriculum is more important right now, rather than taking an entire week for assessments. This is both because we started school later than usual and because of the need to continue to make up some topics from the remote learning of the spring semester (especially in departments where there is a building curriculum such as math and foreign language). Some teachers may choose to give final unit assessments or projects during the final week of school. These assessments may not count more than any other given assessment in the course of the semester. In order to spread these out for the students, we are assigning departments two days of the cycle during which they may give unit assessments or projects may be due:

Thursday December 10 and Friday December 11 (C and D Days): Science and English

Monday December 14 and Tuesday December 15 (E and F Days): Math and Social Studies

Wednesday December 16 and Thursday December 17 (A and B Days): World language and Religion and Computer Science

Friday, December 18: NO assessments, with a half day


Dress Code Reminder

Please be sure that you and your students are familiar with our dress code. As it gets cooler, students may wear solid dark colored tights or leggings under their skirts/shorts. Outerwear to be worn in the building must be with an official Holland Hall logo and available from C & J School Uniforms, Dutch Zone and Dutch Athletics. Lastly, we are seeing too many skirts that are too short. Please be sure that skirt lengths meet our dress code requirements. Skirts purchased for MS may be worn in the US!

2020-21 Student Dress Requirements »



Primary School Reminders

Please refer to the traffic maps for PS dismissal. The outside lane is for EPK/JK and Kindergarten only. The inside lane is for Third Grade. All other traffic should be in the middle lane.

Please note some updates to the student dress code for the school year. These changes were published over the summer. With the cooler weather now here, please note the following changes: “Solid color socks are required. Solid, dark color tights or leggings may be worn under uniform in cold weather.” This guideline applies to both boy and girl dress code requirements. Thank you for your attention to this change.

2020-21 Student Dress Requirements »



Join the Parents’ Association Book Club!

It’s not too late to join other parents in reading and discussing the novel “Dreamland Burning” by Jennifer Latham. Told by alternating teenage narrators who live almost a century apart, this page-turner explores the horrors of the Tulsa race massacre and its far-reaching effects.

Book Club participants will meet virtually on December 8 in the evening to discuss the book and hear from special guest Jennifer Latham.

Click here to sign up.

Click here for more information.


The learning continues on campus

As the holiday approaches, we are thankful to still be able to meet in person. We are encouraging students to be diligent with wearing masks, washing hands and staying six feet apart at lunch and during other common times, and ask that parents help students adhere to the same principles outside of school.

As a reminder: if a family wishes to join the Virtual Learning list in the Upper School, the parents should contact Frances Fondren-Bales a minimum of a day before they would like for their child to start learning at home.  After Thanksgiving break, we are asking for a commitment for the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, whether a family wants to be in person or at home due to Covid concerns.


Clarifying At-Home learning protocols for MS and PS

As we approach cold and flu season, we realize that we will have students absent from school. As in any other year, a sick child should stay home to rest and recuperate. Only if there is a Covid-related concern (positive Covid test, quarantine from Covid exposure, or awaiting Covid test results) along with an extended absence (beyond 1 day) should a family consider virtual attendance. The parent should make every effort to contact the branch head —  Jennifer White or Vanessa Jones — or Linda Christensen by 5 p.m. the evening before the initial day of virtual school to be added to the virtual student list. Without parents ensuring that students are on the virtual list, the Google Meet codes may not allow them to attend class.


C & J School Uniforms End-of-Year Blowout Clearance!

November 16-30 for in store and in stock items only.

Bring in a new unwrapped gift for a child or teen and receive an extra 5%. This offer can be applied to other discounts.


Order your Dutch gear online!

We are happy to announce that Holland Hall has partnered with local company GreenHouse Outfitters to provide an online spirit store.

All orders from the online store are preorders and cannot be returned to the Dutch Zone. Happy shopping!



Remember to order your no-hassle box lunches

Flik is now providing hot lunch options for students and faculty. And you only have to order one day ahead!

Click here to check out the menu.

Register by downloading the Flik IS Dining app or go online to at hollandhall.flikisdining.com.

Detailed instructions on setting up your account can be found here. 


2021 Yearbooks are on sale now

2021 Yearbooks are on sale now at Jostens.com and will be offered through Jan. 31 for personalized books and Feb. 28 for non-personalized books.

Follow us on instagram: hollandhallyearbook

Click here to purchase your 2021 yearbook.



As the holidays approach, questions about travel have been coming up. We always encourage mask wearing, physical distancing, and hand hygiene, of course, but here is the best single source we’ve found to help you plan as safely as possible. The resource link below provides extensive details and recommendations on ways to stay healthy, no matter where you go or how you get there. As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your travel plans, do not hesitate to contact Nurse Linda Christensen at lchristensen@hollandhall.org.



Transparency and COVID-19

Holland Hall is committed to transparency and will update a spreadsheet on the school’s website daily with any positive cases on campus. The numbers — if there are any — will be reported by branch (Upper School/WAC; Middle School/Tandy; Primary School). Nurse Linda Christensen is responsible for contact tracing this year and will inform anyone with direct exposure personally.