October 12 – 18 (Upper School)

Posted on: Oct 11, 2019

PSAT Prep Course This Weekend at Holland Hall!

Olympia Prep is coming to deliver a new resource to help prepare for the PSAT. The condensed Acade’mini’ program will provide the newest specific strategies and skills for the PSAT test as well as functional-content-area instruction on the most tested areas of the PSAT. Your student will receive 6 hours of targeted test preparation. All Olympia Prep instructors scored in the top 1% world-wide in college admission testing. Seating is limited so reserve your spot now!

Early Bird Registration: $49 if registering today or tomorrow!
Regular Pricing: $79 if registering Saturday or Sunday.

Session 1: Sunday, October 13, 2-5 pm
Session 2: Monday, October 14, 6-9 pm
PSAT Test: Wednesday, October 16, 7:45 am – 12 pm (your student is registered by Holland Hall)

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National PSAT Test Date

While this is two weeks out, we wanted to be sure to get it on your radar. On Wednesday, October 16, the US students will not be in normal session. Rather, the 9th grade students will be taking the pre-ACT, the 10th and 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT, and the 12th grade students will be in Career Workshops. Because of the rules of the PSAT, our testing must begin at 8 am that day. Therefore, we ask that these grades arrive at 7:45 am so that testing can begin promptly at 8 am. We realize that this is an inconvenience on a Wednesday, which is normally a late arrival day. Please help us in reminding students about the need to arrive early on this day. All student testing and programming should be wrapped up midday. Many of our Upper School students will then be involved in setting up field day, although this is not a required activity. Lunch will still be provided in the Tandy. Be in touch with questions!


US PA Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the September 19 meeting can be found on the link below.

9/18/19 US Parent Association Meeting Minutes »


Dress Code Reminder

With Fall Break around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone about the email sent by JP Culley on August 20: “While the current skirt length rule has been in the handbook and part of our dress code since the start of the 2016-17 school year, we should have offered more time for families to respond to the heightened awareness and expectations. To that end, we will begin to more equitably enforce the skirt length rule after Fall Break (October 17-18), which should offer families time to make any necessary alterations to already purchased uniform skirts.” Since that email was sent, we have been listening to the student voice, the parent voice, and the faculty voice on this issue. We had a meeting where we invited the female students to meet with the female faculty, and we have tried to gather that feedback to inform how we will move forward. At Holland Hall, we have always been more focused on the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law. The “3 inches above the knee” rule is meant to be approximate, rather than exact. We are therefore formalizing that, by explaining the rule as “approximately 3 inches.” We are also offering a vetting period, when students may see Ms. Fondren-Bales or Ms. Udwin to see if their current skirt is within expectation or not, without any consequences. We hope that this will help to assuage any nervousness about whether a skirt meets expectations or not. We ask that students do this before returning from Fall Break. Further, we understand that some students may have challenges meeting dress code expectations, so we want to remind families that we have skirts we can lend students for the year. Finally, we have a committee of parents, students, and faculty members who will be taking a closer look at the US dress code for next year.