Meet Whitney Forsyth

Please join us in welcoming Holland Hall 2021 ARTworks Artist-in-Residence, Whitney Forsyth.

Life reflected

Whitney Forsyth has been making large scale ceramic sculpture and installation for most of her art career. She uses natural objects as a visual resource, as they have always been an integral part of her life. As a child Whitney spent a great deal of time outside, exploring the woods in Colorado or her grandparents’ garden in Oklahoma. She has always been involved in the natural environment around her, watching insects and animals or filling her pockets with seeds and rocks.

These natural elements have made their way into many different configurations in Whitney’s ceramic work. The assembly of hundreds of ceramic leaves have filled the walls of many spaces, creating incredible momentum and energy. She also enjoys placing her work in small intimate spaces, where she has created mandalas, circular arrangements of objects with intricate designs and repetitive patterns. These ceramic installations encourage the viewer to sit, look and listen.

Every space offers Whitney unique opportunities for installation and the viewer a different visual experience. Her work reaches beyond the walls of a beautiful building or gallery space and makes known many aspects of her personal journey. Whitney’s ceramic work has been installed in gallery settings, corporate spaces, beehive kilns and prayer rooms. Her work represents her life journey, telling a story of where she has been and where she is going.

You’re Invited to the ARTworks Gallery Opening featuring Whitney Forsyth.

Tuesday, October 26 from 6–8 p.m.

Holland Hall’s Walter Arts Center
Holliman Gallery