2020-21 Donors

We recognize with great gratitude the patrons who support Holland Hall’s mission to provide a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous liberal arts, college preparatory curriculum that promotes critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Gifts listed below were made between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021. If you have questions or corrections, please call the Advancement Office at (918) 481-1111.

$50,000 +

TomM and Jennifer Sharpe
Ruth K. Nelson and Thomas Murphy
Doug and Kristi Self
Judith & Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation
Roger and Francy Collins
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
H. A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Pauline McFarlin Walter Trust
Trase and Shana Mahan
Kip and Gail Richards
Robin Ballenger ’63
J.W. and Mollie Craft
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

$15,000 – $49,999

Geni Alcott ’55 Causse*
Jim and Susannah Hocutt ’85 Adelson
Britani Bowman
Rose and Peter Edwards ’71
David and Tammie Maloney
Robert and Sara Lockard ’93 Franden
Keith ’87 and Beth Lieser ’86 Goddard
Steve and Melissa Cox
John and Elizabeth Lawson ’83 Linehan
Cynthia and Ron Hoffman
JJ and Alissa Hurley
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Frank B. Ward
Shelley Smith Jackson ’64
Bill and Patty Jenkins Lawson
Hughes Lumber Company
Waters Charitable Foundation

$10,000 – $14,999

Anonymous x2
Sanford Roberds ’93
Francois and Laura Cardinal
Ashley Bray
Tim and Cynthia McFerrin
JP and Mary Culley
Steve and Leslie Lake
Dane and Lisa Tucker
Darton and Jamie Zink
Acworth Foundation
Brett and D’Ann Riley
Dave Rossetti ’70 and Jan Avent
Earl and Darielle Linehan
John and Jennifer LaFortune
John Steele Zink Foundation
Michael and Cara Shimkus ’84 Hall
Paula Marshall
Stephen and Annie Brady
Will and Maddie Sharpe

$5,000 – $9,999

Lynda Tippeconnic
D.J. and Linsey Lees
Zarrow Families Foundation
Scott and Amber Graybill
Chad and Bronya Zamarin
David and Jensica Ragland
Rick and Kelly Wilkerson
Eric Sherburn and Leigh Ann Moss
Sarah Lees
Maile and Chai Reddy ’97
Bill and Karen Freudenrich
Allison Sitrin-Warshaw ’79
Amy and Rick Koontz ’81
Bob and Beverly Merrick
David and Lynda Tippeconnic Family Foundation
Derrick and Amy Huang ’99 Oneal
Donna Yaffe
Doug and Heather May
Jim and Kristin Gonders
Leslie and Keith Kelly
Paul and Paula Moore
Stone Family Foundation
Tanya Shaw and Conley Phipps
Tracy and Hal Salisbury

$2,500 – $4,999

Jim ’76 and Jill Jones ’76 Deck
Dee Dee and Jon Stuart
K. Michael Saliba and Lodie Naimeh-Saliba
Phil ’73 and Julie Tate ’74 Allen
Richard and Tonya Atkinson
Susan Stuart Peterson ’97
John and Marnie Flegler
Robert Hughes ’84
Roger and Jan Adams
Kathleen Harris
Roy and Kristie Grossman
Triad Bank
Allan Evans ’99
Ashley and Greg Hughes ’84
Courtney Latta Knoblock
Ramez and Katrine Hakim
Stuart Family Foundation
Taylor and Robby Merrick ’99

$1,000 – $2,499

Frances Patterson
Claudia and John* Holliman ’66
Anonymous x2
Mike and Mandy Spanier
Ken Busby ’85
Scissortail Wealth Management
Alan Philoon ’73
Carlisle and Ellen Mabrey
Donna and David Wing ’69
Eugene and Ellen Ichinose
Hank and Nancy Nolley ’62 Harbaugh
Jon and Angie Stolper
Larry and Joanna Holliman ’70 Potts
Mary and Bill Bass ’69
Mengjiao Yu and Ye Feng
Phillips 66 Matching Gift Program
Scott and Julee Mabrey
Scott and Liz White
Steve and Laura Paul
Carlisle and Carol Mabrey
Ann and Michael Baisley ’94
Janet and Kenny Levit ’83
Crossland Construction
GH2 Architects, LLC
Rennie and Kelly Barnes
A. R. & Marylouise Tandy Foundation Trust
Annie and Tim Clark ’83
Dennis Calkins and Faye Hutcherson
Diane and Alex Eaton ’81
Dick and Trish Lieser
Guy and Caroline Berry
Jeff and Sara Fox
Leslie and Garret Davies ’72
Poulson and Megan Reed
Stephen and Amy Santee
Tom and Sally Hughes
Kim Dullye ’83
Marc and Lynn Frazier ’86 Goldberg
Thom and Emily Watson ’78 Hillsman
Cassie and Tag Gross ’87
Southern Agriculture, Inc.
Chris and Tim Armstrong
Tony and Lisa Silvestri
A-Best Roofing
Adult Gastroenterology Associates
John and Kathie Coyle
Mabrey Bank
Osage Cassino
Venture Properties
Amy and Andy England
Al and Vicki Lewis
Alice M. O’Brien Foundation
Amy Brechin ’74
Annatina and Michael Aaronson ’93
Anthony and Samantha Weyrauch ’92 Davis
Benny and Stephanie Jackson
Bob and Lori Hauge
Bob and Roxana Lorton
Bruce and Stephanie Riddle
Bryan and Teresa Nowlin
Charles and Jelena Stewart
Christ Church Episcopal
Chuck and Betsy Daubenberger
Claudia Hamilton
Dana Weber ’75
Darin Alred ’84
Donne and Sandie Pitman
Dore’ and Chad Stanford ’93
E. P. and Sandhya Reddy
Everett and Kristin Lees
Frank and Pamela Haith
Harold and Janace Fogleman
Holbrook Lawson ’82 and Rick Holder
Ilan and Katie Lieber ’99 Grinberg
Jeff Wagener ’86
Jeremy and Karly Mason
Jerry Dees
Jim and Katie Arens
Jim and Robin Hawkins
Joe and Hannah Robson
Judy Critchfield
Julie and Mel Tennant ’77
Kevin and Kristin Hook
Lindsay Patterson
Luke and Canon Bomer
Matt and Belinda Stewart
Mike and Kay Lacey
Mike and Randa Johnson
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Richard and Alvina Hart
Richard and Vicki Stewart
Robert and Nina Butkin
Ronald and Lindsay Fick
Sam and Ana Helmerich ’10 Shiverick
Sarah and Madhav Reddy ’03
Steve and Whitney Heldebrand
Susan McCready Edwards ’73
Tim and Hillary Jenney
Tom and Betty Rains
Tom and Karin Crockett ’69 Smith
Tricia and Ben Cox ’89
Vasser Bailey ’83 and James Ivey

$1 – $999

John Beck ’98
Megan Rule ’98 Beck
Helen Santee
Bonnie England
Nancy Evans
Richard and Mary* Nesbitt ’55 Duncan
David Cape ’84
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Airlines
Advanced Neuro Solutions
Burton Oil & Gas
In The Raw
Jim and Barbara Sturdivant
Metro Tulsa Foot & Ankle Specialists
Mill Creek Lumber
Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc.
Capital Advisors
WPX Engergy
Randall and Shirley Pogue
Grant and Sarah Stewart
Starre and Keenan Barnard ’64
Jeff and Lesley Maxwell
Jerry Griffin
Sanjeev and Monica Trehan
Alexa and Jason Maloney ’07
Angie Marshall
Anne Darnell ’88
Barbara and Roy Johnson ’74
Barry and Barbara Eisen
Bart and Cathy Cloud ’87 Barre
Bob and Sandy Sober
Brian and Tammy Carney
Chris and Melissa Siemens
David and Lori Parker
Dennis and Lisa Cameron
Diana and Patrick Pugh ’91
Gayle Sullivan
Geoffrey and Evie Butler
Hanley Cox
Jane Bare-Scott and Steve Scott
Jim and Jo Ann Engelbrecht
Jim Patterson ’95
Larry McCarthy and Anne Feighner McCarthy
Liz and Roger Hagans
Martin and Shirley Brody
Mary Lou Daniel
Matt and Sarah Jane Gillett
Michelle and Mark Smothers ’78
Philip and Ashley Fuller
Rich and Jackie Howard
Richard and Whitney Cox ’87 Blond
Rick and Diane Hudson
Tally and Noreen Ferguson
Ty and Anne Westfield
Marjory Hooker
Jason and Cynthia Isaacson
Donald and Ann Lees
Jake Freudenrich ’10
Bob Ballenger and Jeanne Hartley-Ballenger
Caroline and Bryan Lieber ’02
Dan and Nancy Yee
Richard and Nan Hawkins ’91 Winton
Bevan and Evie Houston
Brett and Melanie Palmer
Janice Green and Paul Patton
Jim and Juanelle Heldebrand
Lisa Bork ’85 and Jeff Vawrinek
Rodney and Debbie Myers
Sherry Benton
Tom Freeman
Troy Tokarchik
Byron and Diane Shen
Becky and David York ’64
Carol and Ron Binding ’76
Glen and Stephanie Reed
Jack and Ellen Bilbow
Jason and Leslie Miller
Jim and Elizabeth Dodd
John and Susan Studebaker
Kayla and John Hale ’86
Lori and Tim Carver
Mark and Connie McFarland
Navid and Melissa Mirsaeidi
Raymond and Jane Siedlarz
Amy and Doug Allen ’83
Grant and Kara Beair ’02 Butler
Bruce and Beverly Dieterlen
Carol Whitaker
Dave and Cathy Rowland
Dave and Tina Nowling
Doug Grenier
Elizabeth and Evan Kelamis
Elizabeth Kelamis
Jack and April Kueser
Jack and Jane Campion
Jeff ’74 and Pat Hallett ’74 Thurston
Johnny and Yvette Onkst
Kiley and Megan Korn
Matthew and Lindsey Hawkins ’95 Bristow
Owen and Gretchen Pugh
Scott and Blair Iodice
Martin and Laura Levine
Pam and David Harrison
Don and Cheryl Hawkins
Herbert and Deane Oven
Jason and Laura Lepak
Robert and Maxie Polson
Ronald and Kathy Zamarin
Yvonne Moore
David Ramsey ’76
Anne Graham
Anthony and Becky Bascone
Ashley Parrish ’93 and Michael Overall
Barbie Edwards ’74 Paige
Bill and Jennifer Roark
Bo ’83 and Susan Pray ’85 Rainey
Carlos Tuttle
Caroline Lindemuth ’08
Charles and Sandra Locke
Christina and Channing Smith ’94
Christy Zahn
Curt and Kathleen Jones
Dan Rives
David and Katie Johnson
Dianne and Jaime Maddox ’69
Dio and Sharon Daily
Don and Nancy Nelson
Donald and Sharon Ryan
Douglas and Leigh Johnson
Trisha L. Parks
Elizabeth Beebe Smith ’85
Elva Soto and Jose Gomez
Ernie and Judy McKee
Fred and Nancy Utter
George and Nancy Overall
Glenn and Karol Day
Harry and Linda Johnson
Howard and Peggy Summers
Jane and Chris Beckwith ’88
Jay and Leslie Walker
Jeanette Kern
Jerry and Kari Wheeler
Jim and Ann Arens
Jimmie and Mary Davis
Joey Wignarajah ’00
John and Mary Alice Bird
Joseph Bradley and Christine Ruane
Julie and Scott Rowland ’78
Justin Thompson ’98
Karen Gallagher ’84
Kay Sheehan
Kevin Tran ’00
Larry and Michelle Brotherton
Lary and Linda Fisher
Logan and Donna Sharpe
Lorna and Don Wehrs ’74
Lucy Pollard ’06
Megan and Don Zetik
Michael and Christy Moore
Chengda Wang and Jiuhan Huang
Mark and Rachel Luo
Kristie L. Coleman
Olin and Karen Holmes
Pat and Pat Stephens
Peter and Jill Goff ’85 Wenger
Phil and Lonnie Snyder
Philip Fickling
Rachel Liu
Ray and Jannelle Babb
Richard and Linda Ocepek
Rick and Victoria Cameron
Rob and Carrie Lipe ’94 Gardenhire
Rob Myers and Jenny Feighner
Roy and Sharon Love
Samantha and Neale Pashley
Steve and Kim Brilz
Ted and Nelda Lane
Tina Smith
Kevinn Matthews ’88
Lawrence and Kimberly Ho ’77 Schoelen
Julie Yeabower ’77
Jackie and David Luger ’89
Sandra Alexander ’69
Christy Utter ’92 and Sarah Vizza
Wayne and Susan Sullivan
Anne Walker and Monty Gibson
Ann Byrd
Bob and Susan Brown
Carol Hurlburt
Debbie and Charles Gibbs ’69
Harry and Joan Seay
Herbert and Mia Mascarin ’81 Oven
Ingrid Matthews
Jeff and Fran Miller ’78 Toubin
John and Karen Fletcher ’82 Santee
Jordan Cohen ’05
Kelly and Brent Townsend ’95
Leah Eckenwiler
Margot Oven ’80
Matt and Paige Miller ’08 Hulse
Michael and Linda Ellis
Peyton and Jeannie Bromley ’91 Lindley
Reyes and Irene Mireles
Richard and Shirley Savage
Rion and Meredith Campbell ’02 Rogers
Robert and Barbara Meier
Ruth Zetik
Steven and Regan Mahl ’06 Watts
The Odyssey School
The Oven Fund
Thomas and Glenda Carlile
Walt and Laura Hulse
Cara Crain ’92
Mary White
Adrian Reents
Anthony Clay
Bill and Kathy Fellers
Clint Brumble ’93
Evan Johnson
Greg and Kathy Carey
Laura Adams-Allen ’03
Maria and Brian Phillips ’77
Mark Sanders ’78 and Sarah Poston
Mary Alice Alexander ’69
Jeremy and Amanda Campbell ’98 Josserand
Kevin and Kim O’Connor
Jennifer and Brad White ’95
Daniel and Autumn Love
Stephen and Jinny Confer
Rebecca Nievar