Schureman Circle

2020-21 Schureman Circle Donors

Thank you to the members of the Schureman Circle, the group of generous donors who have given $1,000 or more to support the Holland Hall Fund.

Annatina and Michael Aaronson ’93
Acworth Foundation
Roger and Jan Adams
Jim and Susannah Hocutt ’85 Adelson
Phil ’73 and Julie Tate ’74 Allen
Darin Alred ’84
Anonymous (2)
Katie and Jim Arens
Chris and Tim Armstrong
Richard and Tonya Atkinson
Vasser Bailey ’83 and James Ivey
Robin Ballenger ’63
Rennie and Kelly Barnes
Mary and Bill Bass ’69
Guy and Caroline Berry
Luke and Canon Bomer
Stephen and Annie Brady
Ken Busby ’85
Robert and Nina Butkin
Dennis L. Calkins and Faye Hutcherson
Francois and Laura Cardinal
H. A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Rev. Everett Lees/Christ Church Episcopal
Roger and Francy Collins
Tricia and Ben Cox ’89
John and Kathie Coyle
J.W. and Mollie Craft
Judy Critchfield
J.P. and Mary Culley
Chuck and Betsy Daubenberger
Leslie and Garret Davies ’72
Anthony and Samantha Weyrauch ’92 Davis
Jim ’76 and Jill Jones ’76 Deck
Jerry Dees
Kim Dullye ’83
Diane and Alex Eaton ’81
Susan McCready Edwards ’73
Rose and Peter Edwards ’71
Amy and Andy England
Allan Evans ’99
Ronald and Lindsay Fick
John and Marnie Flegler
Harold and Janace Fogleman
Keith ’87 and Beth Lieser ’86 Goddard
Marc and Lynn Frazier ’86 Goldberg
Jim and Kristin Gonders
Scott and Amber Graybill
Ilan and Katie Lieber ’99 Grinberg
Frank and Pamela Haith
Ramez and Katrine Hakim
Michael and Cara Shimkus ’84 Hall
Claudia Hamilton and Brooke Hamilton ’92
Hank and Nancy Nolley ’62 Harbaugh
Bob and Lori Hauge
Jim and Robin Hawkins
Steve and Whitney Heldebrand
Cynthia and Ronald Hoffman
Kevin and Kristin Hook
Ashley and Greg Hughes ’84
JJ and Alissa Hurley
Eugene and Ellen Ichinose
Benny and Stephanie Jackson
Tim and Hillary Jenney
Leslie and Keith Kelly
Courtney Latta Knoblock
Amy and Rick Koontz ’81
John and Jennifer LaFortune
Steve and Leslie Lake
Bill ’81 and Patty Jenkins ’81 Lawson
Janet and Kenny Levit ’83
Al and Vicki Lewis
Dick and Trish Lieser
John and Elizabeth Lawson ’83 Linehan
Earl and Darielle Linehan
Bob and Roxana Lorton
Carlisle and Carol Mabrey
Carlisle and Ellen Mabrey
Scott and Julee Mabrey
David and Tammie Maloney
Jeremy and Karly Mason
Tim and Cynthia McFerrin
Taylor and Robby Merrick ’99
Bob and Beverly Merrick
Ruth K. Nelson and Thomas Murphy
Bryan and Teresa Nowlin
Alice M. O’Brien Foundation
Claudia and John Holliman ’66
Derrick and Amy Huang ’99 Oneal
Frances Patterson
Lindsay Patterson
Steve and Laura Paul
Susan Stuart Peterson ’97
Phillips 66
Alan Philoon ’73
Donne and Sandie Pitman
Larry and Joanna Holliman ’70 Potts
David and Jensica Ragland
Tom and Betty Rains
E. P. and Sandhya Reddy
Maile and Chai Reddy ’97
Ret. Rev. and Mrs. Poulson Reed
Kip and Gail Richards
Bruce and Stephanie Riddle
Brett and D’Ann Riley
Sanford Roberds ’93
Joe and Hannah Robson
Dave Rossetti ’70 and Jan Avent
Tracy and Hal Salisbury
Stephen and Amy Santee
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Will and Maddie Sharpe
Eric Sherburn and Leigh Ann Moss
Sam and Ana Helmerich ’10 Shiverick
Tom and Karin Crockett ’69 Smith
Mandy and Mike Spanier
Chad Stanford ’93 and Dore’ Stanford
Charles and Jelena Stewart
Matt and Belinda Stewart
Richard and Vicki Stewart
Jon and Angie Stolper
Dee Dee and Jon Stuart
A.R. & Marylouise Tandy Foundation
Julie and Mel Tennant ’77
Jeff Wagener ’86
Pauline McFarlin Walter Trust
Frank and Peggy Ward
Waters Charitable Foundation
Dana Weber ’75
Scott and Liz White
Rick and Kelly Wilkerson
Donna and David Wing ’69
Donna Yaffe
Mengjiao Yu and Ye Feng
Chad and Bronya Zamarin
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation
Zarrow Families Foundation
John Steele Zink Foundation