Founders Guild

2020-21 Founders Guild Donors

Thank you to the members of the Founders Guild, the group of generous donors who have given $5,000 or more to support the Holland Hall Fund.

Acworth Foundation
Jim and Susannah Hocutt ’85 Adelson
Robin Ballenger ’63
Stephen and Annie Brady
Francois and Laura Cardinal
H. A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Roger and Francy Collins
J.W. and Mollie Craft
J.P. and Mary Culley
Rose and Peter Edwards ’71
Keith ’87 and Beth Lieser ’86 Goddard
Jim and Kristin Gonders
Scott and Amber Graybill
Michael and Cara Shimkus ’84 Hall
Cynthia and Ronald Hoffman
Leslie and Keith Kelly
Amy and Rick Koontz ’81
John and Jennifer LaFortune
Steve and Leslie Lake
Bill ’81 and Patty Jenkins ’81 Lawson
John and Elizabeth Lawson ’83 Linehan
Earl and Darielle Linehan
David and Tammie Maloney
Tim and Cynthia McFerrin
Bob and Beverly Merrick
Ruth K. Nelson and Thomas Murphy
Derrick and Amy Huang ’99 Oneal
Brett and D’Ann Riley
Dave Rossetti ’70 and Jan Avent
Tracy and Hal Salisbury
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Will and Maddie Sharpe
Eric Sherburn and Leigh Ann Moss
Pauline McFarlin Walter Trust
Frank and Peggy Ward
Waters Charitable Foundation
Rick and Kelly Wilkerson
Donna Yaffe
Chad and Bronya Zamarin
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation
Zarrow Families Foundation
John Steele Zink Foundation